How Is The 3-day Diet Going?

How Is The 3-day Diet Going?
How Is The 3-day Diet Going?

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A three-day fasting diet is an ideal way to lose a couple of extra pounds and will not disturb the psychological balance, as is the case with longer periods of abstinence from food. With this simple diet, you can significantly reduce body fat in problem areas: on the waist and on the abdomen.

How is the 3-day diet going?
How is the 3-day diet going?


Boil a daily serving of rice without sugar and salt. For some, such a portion is 2 glasses, for others, one is enough. You need to proceed from what your own body tells you.

In order for boiled rice to be crumbly, you need to rinse it at least three times in clean cool water before cooking. Oriental cooks recommend rinsing rice "in seven waters". This removes "excess" starch.

Two glasses of boiling water are added to a glass of rice, the rice is cooked over low heat in a saucepan with a thick bottom, under a tight lid. Stir the rice and do not touch it at all. After 20 minutes, turn off the heat under the pan, leaving the rice to "rise" until the dish has cooled to an acceptable temperature for eating.

You can drink only tomato juice without salt on this day.


This day should be devoted to a milk diet consisting of kefir and cottage cheese. You can eat cottage cheese in unlimited quantities as soon as you feel hungry. It is better to take kefir not fat, but if you are used to the fat content of kefir 2, 5 - 3%, that's okay. Lactic acid and beneficial bacteria will destroy excess fat on their own.

Neither kefir nor cottage cheese can be added salt, sugar, sour cream or jam on this day. For a diet, it is better to buy soft cottage cheese, or cook it at home in a water bath.


We devote the last fasting day to meat. The main condition: the meat must be boiled. Suitable for the diet are "white" chicken, turkey, rabbit, veal or lean pork. You can only eat fiber, so the poultry must be cleaned of skin and fatty parts.

You can drink only green tea without sugar on this day - it will remove free radicals, harmful processed foods.

Result: the body will be freed of "excess" water, salts and toxins, metabolic processes will accelerate, the body will be easier to cope with excess fat deposits.

You can arrange such a simple and not burdensome diet once a month. At this time, try not to plan visits "on a visit", where abundant libations and a feast are expected. Try to eliminate stressful situations and experiences. Physical activity, including daily physical education with energy-intensive strength exercises, it is desirable to limit, to facilitate sports exercises, and to exercise on simulators in a soft, sparing mode. Ideally, this dietary "pause" should consist of pleasant walks, entertaining reading, calm music, interesting movies, taking up your favorite hobbies, and your own creativity.

After the diet, one should refrain from overeating and those foods that "return" fat to the figure: fatty fried meat, muffins, spices, sweets with sugar, sweet fruit nectars. But without restrictions, you can drink fruit and fruit and vegetable juices, eat herbs, vegetables, fruits, especially apples and citrus fruits, as well as cereals from your favorite cereals. And, of course, exercise more, movement helps "burn" unnecessary calories and does not allow the accumulation of fat. Set yourself up for a positive outcome. Enjoy peace and inner psychological comfort.

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