The Healing Properties Of Onions

The Healing Properties Of Onions
The Healing Properties Of Onions

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Onion is a unique plant, it was revered in antiquity from Asia Minor to the Mediterranean and Russia. It was believed that this product gives stamina, endurance, and has a healing effect. Modern science has confirmed the opinion of the ancients. Onions are a concentration of vitamins, they have many healing properties.

The healing properties of onions
The healing properties of onions

Raw onion juice is a storehouse of vitamins, a natural antibiotic and antibacterial agent. The healing properties of onions are amazingly diverse. What ailments can an ordinary onion help with and how to use onions as a remedy?

  • It is very useful to drink onion juice and eat raw onions with vitamin deficiency, as well as as the prevention of cancer. The phytoncides contained in fresh onions kill pathogenic microbes - streptococci, staphylococcus, as well as sticks of dysentery, diphtheria and tuberculosis.
  • If you consume at least a tablespoon of this juice every day, you can significantly reduce the cholesterol content, reduce the amount of sugar in the blood.
  • During epidemics of acute respiratory viral infections, it is useful to sniff onions, to eat them in slightly larger quantities. In addition, onions significantly increase immunity.
  • Fresh onion and fresh onion juice acts as a mild aphrodisiac, enhances potency, sperm production, strengthens men's health, prevents various inflammations of the genital area, and prevents prostatitis.
  • An increased temperature in children can be removed as follows: cut the onion into rings, moisten in apple cider vinegar and put in socks under the feet, as well as in the ear shells. The fever will subside.
  • Onion juice is used to treat coughs. To do this, onion juice must be diluted with water and honey in equal proportions and taken several times a day - it will not hurt. It is better to prepare this syrup in small portions to keep it fresh. Inhalations from onion gruel work great. Phintocides, inhaled with steam, will ease the course of sore throat, bronchitis and pulmonary inflammation.
  • A 15-minute onion "lotion" will help against a flu-like rhinitis: moisten the pieces of cotton wool with onion juice and put them in the nostrils. The procedure should be repeated 3-4 times a day. The runny nose will stop, the state of health will improve.
  • Ear and headaches can go away if onion pieces are placed in the ears overnight.
  • You can stop bleeding from an external cut by pressing clean gauze with a piece of onion to the wound. If you are not afraid of minor pain - a few drops of onion juice can be dripped onto cheesecloth - this is an excellent antibacterial agent.
  • Rubbing problem areas with freshly cut onions can help heal wounds and reduce surgical scars.
  • Abscesses, boils on the skin can be cured with onions - lubricate the affected skin surface with raw onion juice, and then apply baked (in a frying pan without oil) onion and make a light bandage. The pus will come to the surface, the inflammation will subside.
  • Onion paste will help stop the infection. It is prepared like this: a slice of white bread is dipped in hot milk, chopped onion is chopped in a blender, and soggy bread is added. The infected area is disinfected, then a gauze bandage is applied with a compress of onion paste. After 2, 5 hours, the bandage can be removed. The procedure is repeated until the infection is “drained” from the body.
  • Sunburns or thermal burns can be "soothed" by smearing them with onion juice or by applying pieces of onion to the affected area for 2 minutes. After that, the skin must be wiped with a damp cloth and smeared with egg white. The procedure has an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and regenerating effect, the skin "renews" faster, and no scars remain.
  • A bee sting or the bite of other, smaller, insects will cause much less trouble if you attach chopped onions to the wound. The swelling will decrease, the poison will come out, and the skin will heal faster.
  • A mixture of onion juice and apple cider vinegar will relieve itching from mosquitoes, bug bites, or earthen flea bites.

Onions can be consumed in any quantity that is comfortable for the body. But, like any drug, onions have some contraindications. Onions should not be abused by people with gastrointestinal ulcers, pancreatitis and excitable nervous system. It is necessary to use onion carefully for those who suffer from heart, kidney and liver diseases.

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