How To Get Natural Vitamins

How To Get Natural Vitamins
How To Get Natural Vitamins

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How to fill the body with energy and strength at the end of winter and early spring in our harsh climate? Where to get vitamins, when there are no fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables yet, and on the shelves of shops only their appearance: brought from distant countries, treated with chemicals and ripened on the road, or local ones, which did not receive the necessary heat and sunlight. And the prices for them during such a period are often prohibitive.

How to get natural vitamins
How to get natural vitamins

You can always start your own mini-garden at home and germinate there (just germinate, not grow) various cereals, grains and seeds, which carry a huge energy potential and a powerful boost of vivacity. Such a garden will require a minimum of effort, and will bring enormous benefits to your health.

Because sprouted grains, grains and seeds:

- increase immunity;

- normalize metabolism and ensure full functioning of the nervous system;

- cleanse the body of toxins;

- stimulate hematopoiesis and cleanse the blood;

- normalize acid-base balance;

- improve and normalize digestion, treat eczema, stomach ulcers, gastritis;

- increase efficiency;

- gradually restore visual acuity, coordination of movements, hair color and density, strengthen teeth and gums;

- rejuvenate the body due to the presence of antioxidants in the seedlings: vitamins A, C, E and enzymes;

- stimulate self-cleaning and self-healing of the body;

- are a prophylactic agent for oncological diseases;

- magnesium helps to eliminate cholesterol;

- reduce the likelihood of heart attacks;

- effectively slow down the aging process.

Germination Tips:

  1. It is advisable to germinate grains in ceramic, enamel or porcelain dishes.
  2. Those grains that surfaced after flooding with water are not suitable for germination, they can be thrown away.
  3. The sprouts are ready for consumption at a height of 2-3 mm; it is at this stage that they are the most valuable biological product.
  4. Sprouts should be consumed immediately after germination (they can be stored in the refrigerator for no longer than a day). Accordingly, they need to be germinated in small portions.
  5. You need to eat the sprouts on an empty stomach, rinsing them with cool water. You can drink it.
  6. It is necessary to introduce sprouts into the diet gradually: in small portions, starting with one teaspoon. Gradually increasing to 2 tablespoons a day.

After 2-3 weeks, you will notice positive changes in your body.

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