What To Drink To Calm Your Nerves

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What To Drink To Calm Your Nerves
What To Drink To Calm Your Nerves

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Insomnia, headache, loss of appetite - and these are not all the symptoms that arise with neuroses. As a result, serious diseases of the heart, endocrine system, eczema and more can occur. What to do when the situation becomes catastrophically explosive? How to relieve stress, soothe shattered nerves?

What to drink to calm your nerves
What to drink to calm your nerves

What medications can you take

Any drug intervention must necessarily come from the attending physician. You can not independently prescribe yourself a treatment. Even herbs that are harmless at first glance can cause significant harm to health, especially their improper use and application.

Over the counter, you can buy the following medications to soothe sagging nerves in pharmacies:

- "Persen";

- "Novopassit";

- "Persevite" (analogue of "Persen");

- tincture of valerian (tablets);

- motherwort tincture;

- lemon balm tincture;

- tincture of mint;

- corvalol;

- peony tincture;

- liquid passionflower extract.

It should be remembered that any sedatives can lower blood pressure.

Most sedatives contain valerian and mint. But a one-time treatment cannot be cured. It is necessary to take these drugs for at least a month. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the individual portability to each component. It is worth knowing that long-term use of valerian can lead to constipation. Therefore, for people suffering from this ailment, long-term use of drugs based on valerian is not recommended. In any case, a consultation with a doctor is necessary.

Sold in pharmacies and a special sedative collection. It includes:

- peppermint leaves - 33.3 grams;

- leaves of water trefoil - 33, 3 grams;

- rhizome with valerian roots - 16, 7 grams;

- hop seed - 16, 7 grams.

Two tablespoons of the collection are brewed with boiling water (400 ml). Insist for about 20 minutes. Then they filter and drink half a glass in the morning and before bedtime.

Folk remedies to calm the nervous system

Tea made from mint, lemon balm, yarrow, oregano, thyme and St. John's wort in equal proportions can calm nervousness and relieve irritation.

Natural honey can be used as a remedy for insomnia and anxiety. To do this, it is enough to drink one teaspoon of honey with warm water or milk. A stronger effect can be achieved by drinking warm herbal tea from the soothing collection.

The motherwort infusion has an excellent sedative effect. You can cook it like this: 3 tablespoons of motherwort are steamed with boiling water (200 ml). The medicine is insisted for 20 minutes and filtered. Drink the infusion in the mornings and evenings for 15 days in a tablespoon.

Infusion of thyme will help not only calm down, but also strengthen the nervous system. Cooking is very simple. One teaspoon of the herb must be poured with boiling water (200 ml) and insisted for an hour and a half under the lid. Drink before bed with a little honey.

A hot drink made from ivan tea relaxes and soothes well. A teaspoon of herbs is steamed with a glass of boiling water and left to infuse for ten minutes. You can add a little honey if desired, then the drink will become more aromatic and healthy. You can drink this tea for a long time.

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