How To Quickly Relieve Stress

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How To Quickly Relieve Stress
How To Quickly Relieve Stress

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Stress is a common phenomenon in everyday life. Minor stress is inevitable and fairly harmless. They are an integral part of our existence, it is only necessary to be able to distinguish the allowable amount of stress and respond to it correctly. There are two opposite types of stress - positive, for example, receiving an unexpected inheritance, and negative, for example, the boss's dressing. Each of these situations can cause mental discomfort.

How to quickly relieve stress
How to quickly relieve stress


  • - anti-stress breathing;
  • - instant relaxation;
  • - focusing on the surrounding little things;
  • - walking and physical exercises;
  • - physical labor;
  • - music and communication.


Step 1

If you find yourself in a stressful situation unexpectedly, such as - the boss scolded or offended one of your beloved relatives - acute stress begins. First of all, you should collect all your will into a fist and command yourself: "Stop!" This will inhibit the development of acute stress. The following measures will help to get out of this state.

Step 2

Anti-stress breathing, during which one should imagine how with each inhalation and exhalation there is a release from stress. Take a deep breath through your nose and hold your breath at the peak of the inhalation. Then exhale slowly.

Step 3

Instant relaxation. After relaxing the corners of your mouth, moisturize your lips with your tongue. With your shoulders relaxed, try focusing on your facial expression. You should not give pleasure to your enemies, who are watching you at this moment.

Step 4

Look around you, paying attention to the smallest details of the surrounding interior. Slowly say to yourself the names of all the objects that are nearby in a certain sequence. For example, "green wallpaper with blue rhombuses, brown curtains with tassels", etc. Concentration on individual objects distracts from the internal stress state.

Step 5

If possible, leave the stressful area. The best option is to go outside and walk 2-3 km at an average pace, or at least do the following exercise. Place your feet shoulder-width apart, leaning forward, and relax. Hands, shoulders, head hang down freely, breathing is calm. Fix this position for 1-2 minutes, then slowly raise your head.

Step 6

After stress, you need to occupy yourself with physical work - washing, cleaning, ironing, digging. Any physical stress helps to reduce the release of adrenaline. Sociological studies have established that almost all advanced companies have a psychological relief room, in which each employee can not only meditate while observing fish and water flows, but also put on boxing gloves and peel off not just a “pear” filled with sand, but the torso of a mannequin representing a superior management person. Medical research confirms the high effectiveness of this method of instant stress relief.

Step 7

Favorite music, a conversation with a friend or with any person who just listens to you will play the role of a distraction that displaces an internal dialogue saturated with negative emotions from consciousness.

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