How To Stretch Growth

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How To Stretch Growth
How To Stretch Growth

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It is possible to stretch growth, or rather bone and connective tissues, both at home and in a hospital. Few go to surgery, since rehabilitation after it is long and painful. But stretching a few centimeters will be useful not only for people who want to become taller, but also for everyone in order to straighten the spine and improve muscle tone.

How to stretch growth
How to stretch growth


Step 1

Sleep on a hard bed and a low pillow. During sleep, the body straightens and growth increases, although by the evening everything returns to its place. But still, with regular hard sleep, the spine becomes smoother, thanks to which you gain a few centimeters in height.

Step 2

Swimming increases growth well. Sign up for the pool, but you need to go there at least three times a week and engage in active water exercises, and not just wither in clean water. It is better to consult with a trainer for advice on what and how to do in order to achieve the fastest possible result.

Step 3

All connective tissue stretching exercises increase growth. Engage in regular pull-ups on the horizontal bar, doing this daily. You can also do push-ups, run, and whatever you like best. The main thing is to develop muscle tissue.

Step 4

Eat well during exercise. You can buy protein shakes that will supply your body with everything it needs to be healthy. You should get the maximum amount of nutrients from food, but this does not mean that you need to eat fatty foods. A balanced five-day meal without excessive intake of fats and carbohydrates is the best option.

Step 5

Stretching exercises can provoke the formation of microcracks in the bone tissue, so take a vitamin complex or calcium tablet. It will not work to replace this with dairy products, because not everyone can consume them daily in large quantities.

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