How To Get A Medical Examination

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How To Get A Medical Examination
How To Get A Medical Examination

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Traffic police officers often stop drivers who, in their opinion, may be drunk at the moment, after which they are usually sent for a medical examination. How to get through it if you don't feel any guilt in yourself?

How to get a medical examination
How to get a medical examination


Step 1

Never refuse to undergo a medical examination, especially if you are sure that you are right. Refusal threatens you with deprivation of your driver's license for up to 2 years, according to article 12 of the Code of Administrative Offenses, since the court will certainly have well-founded doubts that you got behind the wheel sober.

Step 2

Be sure to ask the doctor who will examine you to show a document confirming that he has undergone appropriate training in a drug treatment facility. Without her, he simply does not have the right to conduct such a survey.

Step 3

Clearly and distinctly answer the doctor's questions while he will enter your name, address, age, information about work in the certificate of examination. Don't be too fussy, even if you are really late for work or a meeting.

Step 4

Try to concentrate and react to all actions of the health worker calmly, without unnecessary words and comments, even if you are generally irritable or you like to talk. All shades of your behavior will be recorded in the act, and in the absence of visible signs of intoxication, your inadequate, from the point of view of the doctor, reaction to what is happening may serve as a reason for disappointing conclusions for you. In addition, nervous excitement can provoke a good half of the symptoms for which intoxication is diagnosed: increased pulse and pressure, sweating, rapid breathing, tremors of the limbs, as well as a lack of consistency in the presentation. All other methods borrowed by narcologists from neuropathologists (Romberg pose, finger-nose test, reflex test) work only in the process of detecting a severe degree of intoxication.

Step 5

Remember: examination is not limited to external examination, even if the doctor tries to convince you otherwise (which, unfortunately, often happens). You must pass tests (blood, urine) in order for a laboratory examination to confirm the presence / absence of intoxication.

Step 6

The act must be drawn up in 2 copies on the basis of the direction issued by the traffic police officers. Check the correctness of its filling, see if the date of the survey is indicated correctly. If you do not agree with the results, immediately contact another clinic and undergo a second examination.

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