How To Make Epilation Painless

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How To Make Epilation Painless
How To Make Epilation Painless

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Hair removal is not the most pleasant procedure women have to do. Removing excess hairs is associated with pain that occurs when removing hair follicles. The question of how to make hair removal painless worries many women. There are a large number of methods of getting rid of pain, both folk and medication.

how to make epilation painless
how to make epilation painless


Step 1

To make epilation painless, you need to choose the right time for it. So, within two to three days after the end of the next menstruation, the pain threshold in women is reduced, and then the hair removal procedure will bring much less inconvenience. It is not recommended to carry out epilation during menstruation, after a hard working week, during pregnancy, diseases that cause a rise in temperature, with skin lesions of various nature.

Step 2

To reduce pain during epilation, you need to properly prepare the skin before the procedure. A warm stifled visit to the sauna will open the pores and allow you to remove the hair follicles as comfortably as possible. But what you should not do is use hard washcloths and scrubs before epilation, otherwise you can only increase the irritation.

Step 3

Immediately after hair removal, ice cubes can be used to rub off the skin. This will relieve soreness a little. And in order to disinfect the skin after epilation, you can take special water for making ice based on decoctions and infusions of chamomile, string, plantain.

Step 4

To slightly reduce soreness, you can drink a glass of vodka or brandy before the procedure (of course, if this is not contraindicated due to age or health condition). Alcohol dulls the sensations a little.

Step 5

It is unlikely that it will be possible to make epilation painless completely with the help of traditional medicine. But among modern medicines there are quite effective remedies.

Step 6

So, before epilation, you can make ice from a mixture of novocaine and water (2 to 1). Immediately before the procedure, you need to wipe the skin with such ice until a feeling of slight numbness is achieved. Dry the skin immediately before plucking.

Step 7

Lidocaine is effective for anesthetizing epilation. A regular spray has an affordable price and, when used correctly, almost completely relieves pain. Since the spray is used to relieve mucous membranes, it acts much worse on the skin. To enhance the effect of the drug, you need to apply it in a sufficiently large amount, cover with cling film and stand for at least half an hour. You can check whether the desired effect has been achieved by simply pressing on the treated area with your fingernail.

Step 8

A modern solution for effective epilation. To anesthetize the skin, you need to apply it in a not too thin layer to the places of future hair removal, apply a special bandage or cling film and stand for an hour, after which the residues should be removed. The cream will last for about two hours. This is quite enough to carry out the epilation procedure. The cream has practically no contraindications, but its cost is quite high.

Step 9

To make epilation painless, you can choose any of the listed methods or a combination of them. When using medications, be sure to follow the instructions, and consult your doctor before using.

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