What Documents Are Needed To Go On Maternity Leave

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What Documents Are Needed To Go On Maternity Leave
What Documents Are Needed To Go On Maternity Leave

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To go on maternity leave, a woman must provide a number of necessary documents at the place of work. To receive some of them, the expectant mother needs to contact the antenatal clinic.

What documents are needed to go on maternity leave
What documents are needed to go on maternity leave


Sick leave of the established form, certificate of registration in the early stages of pregnancy, application for leave


Step 1

In order to go on maternity leave, at 30 weeks of pregnancy, contact your antenatal clinic. Visit your gynecologist, who will give you a certificate confirming your pregnancy. Ask your doctor or receptionist where you can get sick leave at the clinic.

Step 2

Do not forget to get a registration certificate from your gynecologist in the early stages of pregnancy if you actually registered for up to 12 weeks. Make sure to put all the necessary stamps on it. This document will give you the right to receive a lump sum. Its amount is small, but you shouldn't neglect it.

Step 3

Contact the employee of the antenatal clinic who oversees the discharge of sick leave. Provide him with a certificate from a gynecologist, passport, compulsory health insurance policy, insurance retirement certificate. As a rule, it takes a certain amount of time to issue a sick leave. You may receive it in a few days.

Step 4

After receiving the sick leave, contact the company management or accounting department. Provide them with this document, as well as a certificate of registration in early pregnancy.

Step 5

Do not forget to write an application for maternity leave with payment of all benefits due in advance. On the application, indicate that you also need to pay benefits related to placement before 12 weeks of pregnancy, if such a certificate is available.

Step 6

After the appearance of the baby, contact the accounting department at the place of work with an application for the provision of a one-time federal and regional allowance for the birth of a child. Do not forget to present all the required documents. You will need a certificate of the established form issued at the maternity hospital, as well as a certificate from the place of work of the baby's father that he did not receive these payments.

Step 7

Simultaneously with the submission of documents for the issuance of federal and regional benefits, write an application for parental leave up to 1, 5 years old, if you need it. Throughout this time, the employer is obliged to pay you 40% of the established average monthly earnings.

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