Why Character Changes During Pregnancy

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Why Character Changes During Pregnancy
Why Character Changes During Pregnancy

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The mood of a pregnant woman can resemble a pendulum - causeless euphoria is replaced by the same causeless tears, minor irritants can cause violent reactions. The reasons for such dramatic changes lie not only in the physiological changes that occur in a woman's body during pregnancy, but also in the psychological characteristics of this condition.

Why character changes during pregnancy
Why character changes during pregnancy

Physiological causes of mood swings

Throughout pregnancy, hormonal changes affect a woman's mood. This can be especially pronounced in the first trimester - the process of adaptation of the body to a new state is far from always easy and comfortable. The delights of toxicosis are added to hormonal surges, which do not contribute to a rainbow mood. The proverbial vagaries of pregnant women - the desire for unusual food, increased requirements for loved ones and especially for the future father - are also explained by fluctuations in the level of hormones in the blood.

At a later date, changes in the woman's body are added - weight gain, edema, sensitivity to high temperatures. The slightest malaise can cause genuine horror, fear for the life of the unborn baby. Natural fatigue, the inability to move easily and quickly, as before, cause irritability.

Absent-mindedness and a decrease in the ability to concentrate, characteristic of many pregnant women, are explained by the peculiarities of the nervous system. In the woman's brain during this period, a constantly acting focus of excitement, called the dominant of pregnancy, arises. All interests, not related to pregnancy, fade into the background, and it becomes difficult to focus on them.

Psychological reasons for character changes

The character can change beyond recognition - rational and restrained ladies can become sentimental and nervous, and docile and non-conflict suddenly begin to criticize everything and everyone. Such changes may be based on psychological reasons.

Expectation of a child makes a woman reconsider her own values, take a more responsible attitude towards her own health. The upcoming changes, affecting all areas of her life, cause fear of the future, uncertainty in her own abilities.

A common cause of mood changes is a mismatch between reality and expectations. The widespread belief that pregnancy is the happiest time in a woman's life is facing a harsh reality. Health problems, financial instability, lack of support and understanding from loved ones, or, conversely, excessive care, cause constant nervous tension, which is very difficult for the expectant mother to cope with.

Natural changes in a pregnant woman's appearance can make her doubt her own attractiveness. The expectant mother feels more vulnerable, the slightest inattention on the part of her partner is regarded by her as a sign of extinction - because of this, the pregnant woman may become more demanding of the future father, needing more frequent demonstrations of love and affection than before.

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