What Are The Effects Of Tourmaline Knee Pads?

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What Are The Effects Of Tourmaline Knee Pads?
What Are The Effects Of Tourmaline Knee Pads?

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Tourmaline products are becoming more and more popular every day. And it is no coincidence. Thanks to the properties of this unique crystal, you can significantly improve your health. For example, the use of special tourmaline knee pads helps to get rid of pain in muscles and joints, to alleviate the manifestations of osteochondrosis and arthrosis, and to solve a number of other problems.

What are the effects of tourmaline knee pads?
What are the effects of tourmaline knee pads?

Magic tourmaline

Tourmaline has been used in folk oriental medicine for a very long time. A few hundred years ago, people noticed that when using jewelry made from this mineral, the condition of the skin and the whole body as a whole significantly improves: the joints reacting to the change in weather cease to whine, the mood improves, chronic ailments go away, and the efficiency increases. And it is no coincidence. As it turned out much later, this is due to the unusual properties of this crystal. The fact is that tourmaline is the only mineral on earth that has a constant electric field: an electric charge arises on its surface without additional conditions. In addition, tourmaline emits infrared rays, anions, which promote cell activation, balance the biocurrent and are a source of trace elements necessary for the body.

When in contact with the skin of the body, tourmaline begins to generate heat, as a result of which blood circulation improves, blood vessels expand, the body's immune systems improve, lymphatic drainage is enhanced, and the blood is enriched with oxygen. Medium-wave infrared radiation, negative ions generated by the interaction of tourmaline with the surface of the skin, penetrate into its deep layers and destroy free radicals and harmful substances. Thanks to this, cells are renewed, the human biofield is restored, the influence of bioenergetic, electromagnetic, impulse influences decreases, muscle tension is relieved, pain subsides, sleep improves, congestion disappears, wear and tear of joints decreases, etc.

When you need tourmaline knee pads

Tourmaline knee pads can be used for a whole bunch of various diseases. So, they are recommended for rheumatic and rheumatoid arthritis, arthrosis of the knee, ankle, hip, elbow and shoulder joints, for muscle pain, varicose veins, numbness of the toes, sprains, as well as bursitis, fractures. Knee pads are also useful with meteorological dependence, when the joints begin to ache and hurt due to weather changes, as well as with edema, trophic disorders of the lower leg, muscle neuralgia, leg cramps, to improve blood circulation, with hemiplegia, and leg fatigue.

The result of wearing tourmaline knee pads is noticeable after 15-20 minutes of using the product. To accelerate the effect, it is necessary to moisten the central part of the knee pads with water. In this case, the tourmaline will begin to act faster. This means that he will sooner start solving the problem.

Tourmaline is not useful for everyone

However, tourmaline is not suitable for everyone. He also has his own contraindications. So, you can not use tourmaline products at high body temperature, with a tendency to bleeding, skin damage, during and after hemorrhagic strokes, as well as with hyperfunctions of the thyroid gland. In all other cases, you can wear tourmaline knee pads, socks, use plasters that contain this mineral.

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