How To Treat Memory Loss

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How To Treat Memory Loss
How To Treat Memory Loss

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Memory loss can be mild and transient. If you have forgotten keys or other small items, then this is quite normal. If you cannot remember your name and where you live, then this is a serious illness that can be caused by various reasons. Treatment depends on the degree of memory loss and the cause of the amnesia.

How to treat memory loss
How to treat memory loss


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Short-term forgetfulness can be caused by taking medications: antidepressants, sleeping pills, pain relievers, as well as malnutrition, insufficient rest. All these are reversible phenomena, it is enough to eliminate the cause of forgetfulness and short-term memory impairment and everything will return to normal without additional treatment.

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If you are in deep depression, experience constant stress, have lost a loved one, then short-term memory impairments can be caused by unfavorable reasons. To eliminate persistent forgetfulness, see a therapist and psychologist. You will be prescribed drugs that eliminate the cause of forgetfulness, as well as hypnosis and psychological correction sessions.

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Memory impairment can be associated with atherosclerosis, when the blood supply to the brain is impaired. This disease is treated with pharmaceutical drugs or surgery is prescribed to remove narrowing of the artery walls.

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Partial or complete amnesia can be caused by brain trauma, the onset of Alzheimer's disease, which is very difficult to diagnose and often accurate diagnosis is delayed so much that the processes of memory impairment, mental abilities reach complete dementia. Unfortunately, this disease is still incurable. Doctors can only correct the patient's condition, but not treat.

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Alcoholic amnesia is caused by the Wernicke-Korsakov syndrome, when the body was intoxicated for a very long time, there was no adequate nutrition and there was an acute shortage of vitamins of group B and C. Having eliminated the causes, eliminate the consequences.

Step 6

To stay in firm memory for as long as possible, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat well, develop intellectual abilities, get enough rest, avoid stress and trauma, and give up bad habits. Take vitamin and mineral complexes systematically, eat a lot of fatty fish, include vegetables and fruits in the diet.

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