Why The Head Itches And Hair Falls Out

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Why The Head Itches And Hair Falls Out
Why The Head Itches And Hair Falls Out

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Itchy scalp and hair loss are common today. Poor ecology, constant stress, disruptions in the body, or unbalanced nutrition can be blamed for this problem. But how to identify the root of evil and eliminate an unpleasant disease?

Why the head itches and hair falls out
Why the head itches and hair falls out

Itching and hair loss

Treating itchy scalp and hair loss will not be effective without identifying the underlying cause. Hair is one of the main indicators of human health, so any problems with the scalp may indicate a disease in the body or improper hair care. Such severe dermatological pathologies as seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis of the scalp occur with similar symptoms. Usually, such diseases are accompanied by severe hypothyroidism.

With psoriasis, irritations and crusts appear on the scalp, which gradually become chronic and require regular long-term treatment.

Most often, specialists begin to treat dandruff, which can provoke itching and hair loss, as well as fungus and various dermatitis. After a series of tests, a trichologist will be able to accurately determine the cause of these symptoms. It should be remembered that dandruff may well appear as a result of an improperly selected shampoo or frequent use of a hair dryer, which dries out the scalp.

Causes of the disease and their treatment

If your head starts to itch, and your hair begins to fall out, but dandruff does not appear, you should pay attention to your shampoo, foam, conditioner or hair dye, which can cause a banal allergic reaction. In this case, you need to give preference to hypoallergenic products or purchase cosmetics, which include natural and high-quality ingredients.

To stop hair loss, it is recommended to make masks from burdock oil, which quickly restore their health and beauty.

A wrong way of life affects hair loss and scabies. Insomnia, frequent depression, accumulated fatigue, bad habits and vitamin deficiency negatively affect the condition of the scalp. In this case, you need to switch from harmful fatty foods to vegetables, fruits and fish, sleep at least eight hours a day and once a week carry out relaxing procedures to restore the body.

It is also advisable to systematically do gymnastics for the cervical spine and learn a simple head massage, which will improve blood circulation in her skin and nourish the hair follicles with useful substances. An active lifestyle will have a similar effect, which should be opposed to low physical activity and sedentary work at the computer.

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