How To Restore Memory After A Stroke

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How To Restore Memory After A Stroke
How To Restore Memory After A Stroke

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Diseases of the cardiovascular system are slowly but surely coming out on top. Stroke has a significant share in this group, which is often the cause of disability, loss of the ability to self-care and death. A significant decrease in memory in particular and cognitive functions in general is one of the most common problems in people who have had a stroke.

How to restore memory after a stroke
How to restore memory after a stroke


  • - a physician involved in rehabilitation (usually a joint therapist, neurologist, cardiologist);
  • - scanwords, collections of poems.


Step 1

Treat the underlying medical condition. This will help to significantly reduce the risk of recurrent episodes of the disease and will contribute to a smoother recovery period after cerebrovascular accident. If a stroke happened, then there were reasons for that. In old age - this is hypertension and atherosclerosis, in a young age - congenital vascular pathology (elongation, tortuosity, other structural disorders). Constant adequate control of blood pressure, regular intake of antihypertensive drugs, adherence to a hypersaline diet will help in the fight against arterial hypertension. Cholesterol-lowering drugs such as statins, nicotinic acid, fibrates are useful to combat atherosclerosis. Be sure to follow the diet. It is more difficult to deal with anomalies in the development of blood vessels, but in some cases, surgical treatment is possible.

Step 2

Drink special drugs to improve memory as directed by your use alpha-blockers, tranquilizers. Antiplatelet agents, vitamins E, C, B, nootropics can also be prescribed.

Step 3

Train your memory yourself. It has been proven that memory loss occurs to a lesser extent in people who regularly have an intellectual load. To this end, it is good to memorize poetry, solve crosswords, scanwords, various logical problems. Just as muscles gain strength and elasticity from constant exertion, the brain gradually gains experience with regular training. A person during the rehabilitation period is somewhat similar to a small child - someone again learns to walk, someone to speak, someone to serve themselves. Much depends on the person himself, on the desire to live, to go forward.

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