Prevention And Treatment Of Alzheimer's Disease

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Prevention And Treatment Of Alzheimer's Disease
Prevention And Treatment Of Alzheimer's Disease

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"Old age is not joy." Fortunately, this gloomy saying is not always true. There are many people of venerable age who maintain both good health and mental clarity. But nevertheless, old people are trapped by diseases peculiar to their age. One of the most formidable ailments is Alzheimer's disease, which gradually leads to dementia.

Prevention and Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease
Prevention and Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease

Causes of Alzheimer's Disease and Its Signs

Alzheimer's disease is still considered incurable; you can only mitigate the manifestations of its symptoms. Therefore, the prevention of this disease and the elderly and their relatives should be taken very seriously.

The likelihood of developing this disease increases dramatically after age 65. The reasons for its occurrence have not yet been precisely clarified. According to doctors, factors such as hereditary predisposition, disturbances in the functioning of the nervous system, previous head injuries, neoplasms in the brain tissues, and poisoning with heavy metal compounds can play a significant role in this.

The disease develops gradually. Initially, a person's memory and ability to concentrate deteriorate, there is unexplained emotional depression, up to severe depression, apathy.

Often, the onset of Alzheimer's disease is also accompanied by disorientation, when a person can hardly find his way, even when in a familiar place.

At a later stage, the patient's condition deteriorates sharply. He has hallucinations, obsessions, even frankly delusional. He stops recognizing even the closest people. The patient has difficulty walking (there is a characteristic shuffling gait). It all ends with complete loss of memory, the ability to think independently and paralysis.

Prevention and treatment measures

Any disease is easier to prevent than to cure. This universal rule applies to such a formidable ailment as Alzheimer's disease. You should think about the possibility of such a serious illness in advance, and take precautions. It is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle, avoid head injuries, strictly follow safety rules if your work involves heavy metals and their compounds. In old age, you need to undergo regular medical examinations.

Prevention is especially important if someone in your family has had Alzheimer's.

When making a diagnosis, the patient and his relatives need to refer to narrow specialists - a neuropathologist, gerontologist, psychiatrist. They should prescribe treatment and advise relatives on how to care for the sick. Now there are drugs (for example, "Donepizil", "Raloxifene") that can delay the progression of the disease and mitigate its manifestations.

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