How To Restore Memory After Anesthesia

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How To Restore Memory After Anesthesia
How To Restore Memory After Anesthesia

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After anesthesia, memory lapses, impaired concentration and attention may occur. These processes are reversible. It is important to start the recovery of the body on time, to try to help it cope with stress.

Human memory can be trained
Human memory can be trained

Side effects of anesthesia

Surgical intervention usually requires the use of anesthesia. Under its action, a person falls asleep, the central nervous system is inhibited. The patient does not feel pain and does not see everything that happens on the operating table. But after a couple of hours, the person begins to wake up, move away from anesthesia. And here his condition cannot be called excellent. Many patients complain that after surgery and anesthesia, they become absent-minded, cannot formulate a thought and forget words. These side effects can adversely affect professional performance.

A complex approach

Postoperative recovery should be comprehensive. It is necessary to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, eat right, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. You should include nuts in your diet: walnuts, almonds, cashews. You need to stimulate the brain: learn poems, solve logic puzzles, memorize songs. It is important to get the brain to work hard. To develop memory, you can resort to memorizing phone numbers. This is great workout and useful information as well.

If it has become difficult to formulate thoughts and conduct a conversation, you need to read more aloud, talk in front of a mirror. Before answering a question, you should concentrate, think about the words in your head, and then say. In no case should you close yourself off, shut yourself off from society. If it is difficult to remember the information, you need to get a notebook and write it down there.

Each organism reacts in its own way to anesthesia, some have minor deviations from the norm, and some do not notice any memory lapses at all.

Brain training

Everyday training will not be in vain. Over time, the body will begin to work in its usual rhythm, and brain activity will stabilize. You should forget about alcohol, which will not improve the situation, but only aggravate it. Spend more time outdoors, give up other bad habits - smoking, drugs.

Crosswords and rebuses are suitable for training memory and attention. You can devote a few minutes a day to this activity.

During the day, you can read books, and before going to bed, scroll through the plot in your head, ponder, analyze the actions of the characters. Decoctions from clover and rowan bark tinctures will help to recover from anesthesia. Dark chocolate produces endorphins that stimulate the brain and eliminate forgetfulness. Memory will not improve overnight, time is the best medicine.

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