What Are The Signs Of Cancer

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What Are The Signs Of Cancer
What Are The Signs Of Cancer

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Cancer symptoms are often associated with specific complaints specific to a particular type of oncology. Moreover, at an early stage, most forms of cancer practically do not manifest themselves in any way and become noticeable when the situation begins to approach critical. Therefore, it is so important to know which health problems you should pay special attention to in order not to miss cancer.

What are the signs of cancer
What are the signs of cancer

Cancer diagnostics

There are many signs that allow the doctor to suspect the onset of cancer. It is worth remembering that finding these symptoms, especially in the case of self-diagnosis, does not necessarily mean cancer. Many of them are characteristic of other diseases, so it is possible that the doctor will not rely on any one symptom, but will definitely prescribe a full examination.

Possible signs of cancer include:

- skin changes;

- prolonged hysterical cough, possibly mixed with blood;

- long-term problems in the gastrointestinal tract;

- blood in the stool;

- palpable seals in the tissues;

- unusual menstrual bleeding and other urogenital discharge;

- blood in the urine and problems with urination, etc.

Minor pains can signal danger. Moreover, if a node found in the chest immediately allows one to suspect the presence of oncology and becomes a reason to consult a doctor, then other signs may seem so harmless that the patient simply does not pay attention to them.

There is a known case of a woman who recovered from a rather aggressive form of stomach cancer. A happy outcome became possible only because the disease was captured at its very initial stage, when it manifested itself only with minor pains in the stomach that occurred at night and passed after drinking a glass of milk. The woman's closest friend was a doctor and strongly advised not to dismiss the problem, but to try to find out the nature of these pains, which are not very disturbing. This saved the patient. Painful sensations of an unclear origin do not necessarily indicate cancer, but they can be a real lifeline, drawing attention to the affected organ.

Anemia or Cancer?

Sometimes a general breakdown can be a sign of cancer. A person does not get enough sleep at night, feels overwhelmed during the day, ceases to be able to perform the usual work for him, becomes pale, loses weight, he has circles under his eyes. But even if this happened, you do not need to fold your hands right away. A routine blood test will show whether there is harmless anemia behind the manifestations, which is easily amenable to therapeutic treatment, or whether you still have to face a serious illness.

Oncology has long ceased to be a sentence. The sooner the diagnosis is made, the higher the chances of a cure will be, so you should not be like an ostrich hiding its head, because human life is unique and, no matter how trite it sounds, it really is given only once.

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