Is It Possible To Get Pregnant With A Condom

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Is It Possible To Get Pregnant With A Condom
Is It Possible To Get Pregnant With A Condom

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According to the Pearl Index, the chance of getting pregnant with a condom is 2%, but with improper storage and use of a latex product, this percentage can increase many times.

Is it possible to get pregnant with a condom
Is it possible to get pregnant with a condom


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None of the modern contraceptives can guarantee 100% protection against unwanted pregnancies. However, a condom, with the use of which does not occur more often than 2%, is considered a fairly reliable contraceptive. Hormone pills are even more reliable, but the condom has an undeniable advantage over them - protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

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In order to minimize the chances of getting pregnant with a condom, you need to choose the right one. “Whoever saves on condoms will go broke on diapers,” says an Internet joke. Indeed, it is not worth saving by choosing cheaper condoms. Give preference to well-known, proven brands that have the “electronically tested” mark on their packaging. The place of purchase is also important: the safest way is to purchase these products in pharmacies.

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If you have already bought a quality condom, its reliability will also depend on how well it is stored. Never store a latex product in a hazardous neighborhood with a piercing or cutting object. Do not leave your contraceptive in your car either in winter or summer. The fact is that latex is sensitive to too high and low temperatures, due to which it can lose a number of its properties. It is also not recommended to put the contraceptive in the back pocket of your trousers. In this case, due to constant friction, it can also deteriorate.

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You need to be able to put on a condom correctly. To do this, simply follow the instructions included in the package. Be careful and take your time: if the condom is drastically stretched, microscopic cracks form in the latex, through which nimble sperm can "crawl". Men with a large size should be especially careful, ordinary condoms may not suit them at all. In order to avoid unwanted pregnancy and protect yourself from STDs, a condom must be put on before intercourse begins, and removed only after it is over.

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A condom can stretch or even break due to insufficient lubrication. If a woman's natural secretions are not enough, be sure to use a special lubricant. Before you buy it, make sure it is suitable for use with a condom. In general, any condom itself should have at least a small amount of lubricant. If the product is dry, the packaging may have been damaged or the expiration date has expired. In no case should you use such a contraceptive.

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