What Positions Are Suitable For Getting Pregnant

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What Positions Are Suitable For Getting Pregnant
What Positions Are Suitable For Getting Pregnant

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Conception of a child is a sacrament that a person cannot understand. Some people get it right the first time, and some healthy couples wait months for their efforts to succeed. It is impossible to know in advance whether fertilization will occur. However, choosing the right postures increases the partners' chances of conceiving a child.

What positions are suitable for getting pregnant
What positions are suitable for getting pregnant


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When trying to conceive a child, it is necessary to choose positions for sex in which penetration will be most deep, and the sperm will be retained in the vagina. Naturally, this refers to the pose "woman from below". Sperm movement is already difficult. They have to travel a huge distance in search of an egg, so you should not choose positions in which the woman rises above her partner. In such a situation, the chances of getting pregnant are slim.

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One of the best poses is the classic, missionary. This position was described by the ancient Hindus in the medical treatise "Charaka-samhita". The document states that when a woman lies on her back, the pelvic organs are in balance and positioned correctly. The woman should be relaxed and enjoy the process. The chances are greatly increased if the partner's pelvis is raised 45 degrees. To do this, you can place a pillow or towel roll under the pelvic bones. Then the greatest amount of sperm will reach the cervix. You can also tuck your legs into your chest or rest on your partner's shoulders. Unfortunately, if you have a curvature of the uterus, the missionary position is not suitable for you.

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The position "man from behind" or "like a dog" refers to the positions in which the man penetrates the woman as deeply as possible. The best effect can be achieved if at the final stage the partner bends down, lifting one leg up. With good physical fitness of partners, you can try to place the partner's legs on the sides of the partner. In this case, the man holds his legs, and the woman rests only on her elbows. The position of "man behind" is suitable for conception even for those women whose uterus is in the wrong position.

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One possible, albeit less effective, option is the side-by-side position. A woman can wrap her partner around with one or both legs for better sperm penetration.

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After sex, the woman needs to stay in a prone position for at least 15-20 minutes. With the normal position of the uterus, you need to lie on your back, raising your legs with a birch tree or pressing your knees to your chest. Place a small pillow under your basin. When bending the uterus, lie on your stomach. So the sperm will envelop the cervix as much as possible. If, due to previous inflammatory diseases, the uterus has shifted to the side and occupies an atypical position, consult with your gynecologist about the best positions for conception.

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