How Dad's Smoking Affects Future Children

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How Dad's Smoking Affects Future Children
How Dad's Smoking Affects Future Children

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Parents can do great harm to the health of the unborn child if they are addicted to such a bad habit as smoking. Previously, if the requirements to quit smoking were presented only to a pregnant woman or a woman planning to become pregnant, now this also applies to future fathers.

How dad's smoking affects future children
How dad's smoking affects future children

Smoking can lead to infertility

Smoking can nullify not only the dream of giving birth to a healthy and strong baby, but also the ability to conceive a child at all. This is due to the fact that such an addiction affects the process of sperm production, the composition and motility of sperm, as well as the blood supply to the genitals.

Influence of the father's smoking on the organism of the unborn child

If, nevertheless, the child managed to conceive, the father's smoking has a detrimental effect on the baby's health. The smell of tobacco smoke, even if the father does not smoke in the house, can affect the quality of oxygen supply to the body of a pregnant woman and a child, which threatens to disrupt the growth and development of the baby. That is why children with low weight are often born to parents who smoke, which negatively affects the health of the child in the future.

The father's addiction can cause congenital pathologies in the baby. So often there are facial defects or cleft palate, cleft palate. These defects can only be eliminated by surgery, which requires additional child care and considerable funds. This is also a very dangerous operation for the baby's health. It is also possible that children are born with heart defects and deficiencies in the development of the brain. This slows down the physical, emotional and mental development of babies.

All this is sufficiently capable of influencing the refusal of the future dad from smoking cigarettes. But it also happens that the father categorically refuses to lose his addiction. How to prevent danger to the child if the father does not want to quit smoking? First, the father needs to stop smoking in the house or in the car, and clothes that smelled of tobacco smoke must be removed immediately and sent to the washing machine.

Do not allow pregnant women to visit places where people smoke. Explain to the guests in the house that a smoke break in the house is prohibited and send them outside. If the father cannot part with his bad habit, let him switch to lightweight cigarettes and smoke as little as possible. Also explain to the future dad that taking vitamins or other medications is not able to neutralize the effect of nicotine on the body of the unborn child. It is better to force a man to actively play sports, which will certainly lead to the fact that he still quits cigarettes. Also, to compensate for harm from tobacco smoke, a pregnant mother needs to ensure frequent and long exposure to the fresh air and the availability of purified water.

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