About The Dangers Of Smoking During Pregnancy

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About The Dangers Of Smoking During Pregnancy
About The Dangers Of Smoking During Pregnancy

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A woman in a position no longer has the right to think only about herself, now she is responsible for the baby's life. And, first of all, she must give up all bad habits.

About the dangers of smoking during pregnancy
About the dangers of smoking during pregnancy

Why quit smoking during pregnancy

According to statistics, approximately 25-30% of women continue to smoke during pregnancy, 8, 5% of them smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day. All the children of these women are intoxicated while still in the womb.

Research by doctors has proven that nicotine crosses the placenta and is concentrated in the body of the embryo. The worst thing is that the concentration of harmful substances in the embryo exceeds the amount of the same substances in the blood of a pregnant woman.

If you smoke while carrying a fetus, you have a real threat of termination of pregnancy. Those. you can have a miscarriage at any time. The risk of such an outcome is 20-40%, while your risk of having a dead baby is 40% higher than that of a nonsmoking woman.

Smoking during pregnancy can cause various diseases in the fetus. A baby may be born with allergies, anemia, asthma, cleft lip, squint, mental or mental retardation. The baby may have congenital physical abnormalities.

Cigarettes contain thousands of harmful carcinogenic substances that negatively affect the sexual function of the child. In the future, boys may have problems with potency, and girls have a decrease in the number of eggs. Smoking during pregnancy disrupts the fetal heart rate, leading to oxygen starvation.

How to quit smoking during pregnancy

If it so happened, and you once started smoking a long time ago, you will have to pull yourself together and put an end to nicotine addiction. If you are just planning to conceive, it is better to quit smoking at least 2-3 months before trying to get pregnant.

If you become pregnant unplanned, you still have time to quit smoking until 5-6 weeks. Quit gradually, reducing the number of cigarettes every day.

To make it easier to break with such an addiction, remember that your baby's life is at stake. Depending on your lifestyle, you will give him either a healthy future or a life full of diseases. If your baby is dear to you, stop smoking at least during pregnancy and lactation. Consider if you can look your newborn in the eyes if you poison him with tobacco smoke for all 40 weeks of pregnancy.

Do not forget that you also absolutely cannot inhale cigarette smoke, therefore, if your husband smokes, ask him not to smoke in your presence.

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