How To Quit Smoking During Pregnancy

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How To Quit Smoking During Pregnancy
How To Quit Smoking During Pregnancy

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Smoking causes great harm to the body. When a pregnant woman smokes, she endangers not only her own health, but also the life and health of her own child. Doctors recommend parting with the addiction even at the stage of pregnancy planning, but if the pregnancy was not planned and the expectant mother did not quit smoking before her onset, she needs to forget about tobacco as soon as possible.

How to quit smoking during pregnancy
How to quit smoking during pregnancy


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There is a widespread belief that the stress a pregnant woman experiences when quitting smoking is bad for the fetus. This opinion is wrong - harmful substances that come to a child from a smoking mother can cause more damage to him. Smoking of the mother causes oxygen starvation of the fetus, prevents it from developing normally, and can cause miscarriage, premature birth, low birth weight, or congenital abnormalities.

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If you are determined enough, it is best to throw hard and straight away. Prepare yourself to feel worse than usual for two to three weeks, you may experience insomnia, and you will most likely become more irritable. This is a temporary state, and if you do not allow yourself to break loose and smoke, mood and sleep will soon return to normal.

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Heavy smokers who smoke more than half a pack of cigarettes a day find it harder to quit. They are more suited to phasing out - set a time limit (preferably no more than two weeks) during which you completely quit smoking, and reduce the number of cigarettes every day.

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Nicotine patches, chewing gums or sprays, as well as all kinds of medications designed to facilitate the refusal of cigarettes are not suitable for pregnant women - the effect of such drugs on the fetus has practically not been studied, in addition, in addition to nicotine, they may contain substances harmful to the unborn baby.

Step 5

Ask for support from relatives. Let them distract you when you feel like smoking, remind you of your baby's well-being. If your spouse or relative who lives next to you smokes himself, ask him not to do it in your presence and not to leave the cigarettes in plain sight.

Step 6

It helps to quickly quit smoking the use of certain foods - milk, celery, broccoli, apples. Carry lollipops (preferably sugar-free) or peppermint gum, and put a bubblegum pad or lollipop in your mouth whenever you feel like smoking.

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