How To Gain Weight During Pregnancy

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How To Gain Weight During Pregnancy
How To Gain Weight During Pregnancy

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Lack of weight in pregnant women can cause miscarriage and premature birth. For all 9 months, a woman should gain about 8-12 kilograms, but this is only an approximate figure. For many women, weight gain is much more than necessary, but this is also a deviation from the norm. What if you do not add the desired grams or lose weight altogether? Nothing special, it is worth following the basic rules, then you will achieve the desired result.

How to gain weight during pregnancy
How to gain weight during pregnancy


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Most often, weight does not come in those women who are tormented by severe toxicosis. Even special drugs do not always help to get rid of it. If you can't look at food at all, visit your gynecologist and talk about the problem. You may be admitted to the hospital to relieve severe bouts of nausea. In milder cases, you just need to walk and move more. Ordinary vitamin C can also induce appetite. Eat one tablet 30 minutes before a meal, and only then sit down to eat.

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Try to eat as many fresh fruits as possible, and if you are not allergic, then citrus fruits. They will not only improve your appetite, but also strengthen your immune system. Also eat meat or fish daily, protein is essential for normal weight gain. But do not forget about flour and cereal products either, it is from carbohydrates that the weight increases. But be careful and weigh yourself periodically between hospital appointments, because the weight may start to stay faster than you would like.

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If you cannot gain weight at all, try to increase at least muscle mass. To do this, either do some simple exercises at home, or sign up for courses for pregnant women. But in any case, before deciding on physical education, visit a doctor and consult on this issue, because not all pregnant women can run, jump or exercise on simulators. If you have no contraindications, then after a short period of time you will notice a slight weight gain. This is not always associated with the formation of muscle tissue, sometimes women simply have an increased appetite due to physical activity and they start to eat a little more.

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For some women, a common vitamin supplement for pregnant women helps to solve this problem. It compensates for the lack of essential substances, food begins to be better absorbed, and, accordingly, the weight comes. You can also eat infant formula, but it is prescribed more often when the fetus is underweight, but it also helps women.

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Unfortunately, there are no special ways to gain weight. You need to eat often and high-quality food, move and be happy that the baby will be born soon. And solve all the problems that arise together with the gynecologist who observes the course of your pregnancy. It is possible that you do not need to gain weight, because it all depends on the individual characteristics of the organism.

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