How Weight Increases During Pregnancy

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How Weight Increases During Pregnancy
How Weight Increases During Pregnancy

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A specialist's control over a woman's weight is an important point during pregnancy. This procedure accompanies every visit to the gynecologist. In addition, the expectant mother can be weighed on an empty stomach and at home. The development of the fetus and the course of pregnancy as a whole depend on the correct and smooth increase in weight.

How weight increases during pregnancy
How weight increases during pregnancy




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Weight gain usually does not occur during the first two months of pregnancy. This is due to the process of adaptation of the body to a new state. In addition, many women in this period have toxicosis, on the contrary, leading to weight loss. As a result, in the first trimester, 1-2 kg may be added. The exceptions are ladies who have previously followed a diet or have made their training program easier due to their new position as an athlete.

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More active weight gain is observed in the second trimester. During this period, according to the norms, the expectant mother should gain 250-300 g of weight weekly. If the increase is more intense, this may be due to a problem such as dropsy, accompanied by edema. This condition can be dangerous, so women with similar symptoms are most often admitted to the hospital for the necessary treatment.

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Over the entire period of pregnancy, a woman can gain 10-12 kg. Particular attention in this regard is paid to the last trimester. According to the special scale of average physiological weight gain available to doctors, during this period, the increase in body weight within a week for every 10 cm of growth should be no more than 22 g.

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The weight gain of a pregnant woman depends on several factors. First of all, this concerns the initial weight of the expectant mother. The less her weight was before pregnancy, the more likely it is to gain extra pounds during her. It is also important to take into account the peculiarities of the constitution - some women may have a tendency to thinness, others to be overweight.

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Age also matters. More mature ladies are more likely to be overweight. If a woman had toxicosis in the first trimester, during which there was some weight loss, in the future the body can begin to intensively replenish it.

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A woman's weight also depends on the weight of the fetus. A woman with a large fetus or twins will weigh more than a woman with a small or single fetus.

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Nutrition plays a special role in this issue. If you do not follow the increased appetite, you may gain extra pounds.

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