Why Do You Gain Weight During Pregnancy?

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Why Do You Gain Weight During Pregnancy?
Why Do You Gain Weight During Pregnancy?

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The long-awaited moment has come: you learned about pregnancy and now you are carrying your beloved baby. You, of course, are unspeakably happy, but delight can be overshadowed by one fact - the steady increase in the readings of the scales. Especially if you have already had to wage a war with extra pounds before.

Why do you gain weight during pregnancy?
Why do you gain weight during pregnancy?


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A fact that must be learned by every expectant mother who is concerned about her own figure: during pregnancy, gaining a certain amount of kilograms is physiological! Indeed, during this period, a new organism develops inside a woman, the mass of which increases every day, as well as the organs and tissues that provide the child's life, increase in size (such as the uterus) or, in general, are formed again (placenta and amniotic fluid).

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In addition, the fetal defense mechanisms are activated: the fatty layer on the woman's waist and hips increases. All this is provided by nature for bearing a child and subsequent delivery. However, one should not forget that an increase in normal weight is considered physiological, amounting to no more than ten to twelve kilograms.

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Why does the number of kilograms gained during pregnancy depend:

1. Age. In fact, the older a woman is, the more she is inclined to be overweight, which means that she is more likely to gain more weight.

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2. Appetite. Here the widespread belief that during pregnancy the mother needs to eat "for two" plays a role. Therefore, a woman ceases to monitor the balance and calorie intake, which, in turn, leads to excessive weight gain.

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3. Large fruit. Naturally, if the weight of the child exceeds the average and is more than 4 kilograms, then the mother will recover more strongly.

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4. Initial body weight and constitutional features. With insufficient weight, the increase is usually more than with normal weight, and if a woman is not inclined to be overweight, then this also affects her body weight during pregnancy.

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5. Swelling and the amount of amniotic fluid. Some women in the second half of pregnancy suffer from edema, which is due to the peculiarities of the body's functioning: cells retain more fluid. And if polyhydramnios is diagnosed, this will also affect the total body weight.

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6. Physical activity. Pregnant women begin to move less, especially when they go on maternity leave, so they gain weight faster. Of course, changes in physical activity in this position are justified, but then it makes sense to adjust the diet of the expectant mother.

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The best way to control weight during pregnancy is to follow the advice of your healthcare professional, dietary balance, and adequate exercise. All these rules will allow you not only not to gain an excessive amount of kilograms, but also to get back in shape faster after giving birth.

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