How A Woman's Character Changes During Pregnancy

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How A Woman's Character Changes During Pregnancy
How A Woman's Character Changes During Pregnancy

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During pregnancy, a woman's body undergoes serious changes. The character is also changing, and not for the better. There may be several reasons for this.

How a woman's character changes during pregnancy
How a woman's character changes during pregnancy


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One of the reasons for the change in the female character is the appearance in the brain of the so-called dominant of pregnancy - a focus of excitation that creates the body's readiness for certain activities. Subsequently, it is transformed into a generic dominant. Its function is to protect a woman from all kinds of stress during pregnancy, this leads to inhibition of the central nervous system. This process has a negative impact on the intellectual abilities of women. They become distracted, forgetful, inattentive, and have difficulty concentrating on a specific task. In this case, scandals and reprimands are inevitable at work, which further undermines the nervous system.

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The changes that occur with the mental abilities of women during this period, doctors call encephalopathy of pregnancy. This condition is influenced by the woman's age and marital status, her relationship with family (primarily with her husband and mother), chronic diseases, financial situation and much more. Pregnant women often suffer from insomnia, they have negative thoughts, worries about the upcoming birth. When they are under stress, they try to transfer negative reactions to those close to them. At the same time, reproaches will be perceived as hints of failure, which will only aggravate the situation. During this period, much depends on the husband and loved ones, they need to try to create comfortable conditions for the pregnant woman.

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Changes in the character and mood of pregnant women are also a consequence of changes in hormonal levels and metabolism. In the first weeks of this period, expectant mothers can be tired, irritable, sleepy. The emotional state changes especially strongly during pregnancy. Women become sensitive to such little things that they have not noticed before. Pregnant women are characterized by frequent mood swings. They are strongly impressed by many negative factors. The emotional background becomes more stable after the 3rd month, however, at this time, changes in the body begin to occur. This can negatively affect the character. In the last stages of pregnancy, many develop the so-called "nesting syndrome", women begin to tidy up their homes. Before giving birth, pregnant women become absent-minded, difficulties with logical thinking are observed.

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