Age-related Diet

Age-related Diet
Age-related Diet

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It is no secret that it becomes more difficult to maintain harmony with age. There are a lot of reasons for this: the discrepancy between the amount of energy consumed and consumed, a natural slowdown in metabolic processes and a decrease in physical activity, an improper diet, diseases, which become more and more over the years.

Age-related diet
Age-related diet

Especially often over time, unwanted changes in their figure are noticed by women. This is surprising to many, because the diet and activity level did not seem to change. The fact of the matter is that over the years a person changes, which means that the menu also requires changes. Nutritionists have revealed the secrets of how to stay beautiful and slim at any age. To do this, you just need to correctly adjust your diet.

Meals for women over 30

After this milestone, the rhythm of life for many is stabilized, physical activity decreases, nutrition becomes abundant and regular. In addition, natural processes in the body take over, and the metabolic rate is significantly reduced. Many women by this time become mothers - this also affects the figure.

By slightly changing your eating habits, you can become slimmer even with the same level of activity. You can start with the simplest: drink enough water (2-3 liters per day). It's a good idea to practice fasting days, once every 1-2 weeks. It is better to limit the consumption of fatty and heavy meat foods, and give preference to fish and vegetables, especially for dinner. You also need to reduce your total calorie intake by about 500 calories per day. This is not so difficult to achieve: less bread, sauces, sweets, flour for tea and unhealthy snacks - and success is guaranteed.

Nutritional Principles for 40-year-olds

It is not recommended to lose weight quickly at this age, it is better to focus on systematic weight loss and preservation of results by reducing calories and methods to accelerate metabolism.

The first step is to limit sugar and sweets. Flour is allowed only at breakfast. The number of calories consumed is cut by another 150 units. Be sure to start exercising. Ideal for: Swimming, Jogging, Aerobics, Walking, Shaping.

It is better to prefer fish dishes to meat dishes, to enrich the menu with fiber. Of the drinks, the best option would be green tea, unsweetened. Before going to bed, a glass of kefir is useful.

Diet for women over 50

The total calorie content during low activity should not exceed 1800 kilocalories. Meals should be built according to the regime: a hearty breakfast is required, it is better to choose a light lunch, not a complex one, dinner should be light.

Food should be properly prepared: boil, stew, bake, not fry. You need to forget about fatty meat, eat only lean meat, and preferably fish and poultry. A large amount of vegetables, fruits and grain products is required in the diet. All sweets are strictly limited, as are buns. Huge benefits for health and shape will be provided by feasible physical activity: dancing, walking, cycling.

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