Sedentary Work Exercises

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Sedentary Work Exercises
Sedentary Work Exercises

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Alas, more and more people have sedentary jobs. Maybe this is due to ubiquitous computerization, there may be other reasons, but one way or another, working in offices in front of a monitor screen forces you to be in a sitting position for 6-8 hours or even more. Therefore, it is not surprising that the number of cases of prostatitis, osteochondrosis, hypertension, ischemia, obesity and so on is growing. To improve health and resist these ailments, you need to regularly perform a simple set of exercises in between work.

Sedentary work exercises
Sedentary work exercises


Step 1

Squat down. This seated work exercise will improve blood circulation in the pelvic region and strengthen the muscles in your back and legs. Squat with your arms outstretched while inhaling and exhaling when you stand up. Repeat 20 times. It can be hard right off the bat, so start over 10 times.

Step 2

Push up. You can do this sedentary exercise right at your desk. Lean on it with your hands and bend over, touching the surface with your chest. As you inhale, lower, as you exhale, rise.

Step 3

Bend over. This will allow the blood to circulate throughout the body and tone up the muscles. Stick to the table with your right hand, bend over, touching the foot of your right limb with your left hand. Do it several times and repeat on the contrary, hold on with your left hand, touch your left leg with your right. Breathe out when bending over, inhale when lifting.

Step 4

Stretch. This seated work exercise completes the complex. Raise your arms, at the same time rise on tiptoes, exhale. At the same time, focus your gaze on the fingers. Then put your hands down, inhale. Repeat several times. You can start sedentary work. And after a couple of hours, charging must be repeated.

Step 5

Of course, in an office environment, you won't be able to do exercises every 2-3 hours, but you can stretch your stiff neck without getting up from your chair. To do this, relax, slowly lower your head to your chest, exhale, slowly raise it, fold it back, inhale. Then repeat the same exercise for the neck 5 times to the sides.

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