How To Quickly Cure A Cold On The Lip

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How To Quickly Cure A Cold On The Lip
How To Quickly Cure A Cold On The Lip

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A cold sore on the lip is medically referred to as herpes. And its appearance is directly related to a decrease in the protective function of the body - immunity. To quickly cure a cold on the lip, you need to act urgently, without delaying until the sore appears. And for this there are a number of measures, including popular ones.

How to quickly cure a cold on the lip
How to quickly cure a cold on the lip


  • - "Acyclovir";
  • - "Zovirax";
  • - "Atzigerpin";
  • - "Bonafton";
  • - Apple vinegar;
  • - fresh or dry mint;
  • - scarlet juice or garlic and onion.


Step 1

Many have already noticed that it is worth a little overcooling, as a painful swelling on the lip immediately appears, the next day there are already bubbles with watery contents. When the bubbles burst, a sore occurs that does not heal for a long time and even bleeds if you accidentally tear off the crust. This is herpes, it is caused by a virus that is very contagious, so many people are carriers of herpes. But its negative effect on the body is extinguished by the human immune system, and as soon as it weakens, the appearance of a cold on the lip will not keep you waiting.

Step 2

Of course, I want to cure a cold on my lip quickly. After all, it is not only painful, but also ugly - walking with such a sore on your face. But it will not be possible to cure a cold in one day, no matter how much you want, although if you start to fight herpes immediately after the appearance of soreness on the lip, you can prevent it from developing to bubbles and further inflammation.

Step 3

Acyclovir tablets will help to quickly cure a cold on the lips. You need to drink them every 4 hours, as soon as there are unpleasant sensations on the lip, and at the same time lubricate the sore spot with anti-herpes ointment. These are "Zovirax", "Atzigerpin", "Bonafton" and others.

Step 4

In addition to medications for herpes, you can try to treat a cold on the lip with folk remedies. They will not harm, but in combination with medications, they will stop the development of inflammation in a couple of days. For example, smear a cold on your lip with apple cider vinegar - it is deadly for the herpes virus.

Step 5

To quickly cure a cold on the lips in the summer, lotions from fresh mint leaves help. Tear off a leaf, pour boiling water over it, cool to a comfortable temperature and apply to the place where the cold has appeared. If you get sick in the winter, brew 1 tbsp. dry mint with a glass of boiling water, strain the infusion and make lotions with cotton pads.

Step 6

Aloe juice or garlic and onion juice will help to cure a cold on the lips at home. Lubricate the affected area with herpes. It will burn, you need to be patient a little.

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