What Does Bird Feather Tattoo Mean?

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What Does Bird Feather Tattoo Mean?
What Does Bird Feather Tattoo Mean?

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Having decided to get a tattoo, you should very carefully and responsibly approach the choice of an image that will decorate the body. Not only will it be extremely difficult to get rid of it, but also each drawing has its own special meaning.

What does bird feather tattoo mean?
What does bird feather tattoo mean?

The meaning of a tattoo in the form of a feather, a bird

Quite often you can find tattoos in the form of feathers or various birds. This is a graceful, unusual, cute and very delicate drawing. However, it is worth looking at the meaning of this image. The place of origin of such a tattoo is considered to be North America. The locals endowed the pen with mysterious powers, considering it a guide between two worlds: the world of the living and the world of spirits. In addition, feathers symbolized the power, superiority and strength of the wearer over other people. In the past, only worthy, distinguished hunters or rulers were allowed to wear a tattoo depicting a feather.

But the peacock's feather symbolizes beauty, wisdom and a special position in society. The phoenix bird feather is a classic sign of eternal life, the immortality of its owner. And the feather of the firebird characterizes creative, enthusiastic people, romantic and gentle natures.

The feather itself is extremely light and weightless. Therefore, his image can mean lightness, carelessness, uplift, sublimity, spirituality, as well as courage and determination.

The birds depicted on the body, as well as their individual feathers, are a sign of lightness, striving for permanent immortality and freedom, weightlessness, immortality of the soul. Girls who fill such an image may imply that they are not easy to catch, and even more so to keep a man.

It should be borne in mind that different birds applied to the body may have different meanings. So, a tattoo in the form of a stork means fertility, abundance, maternal instinct. The raven is a sign of prophecy, the union of good and evil, wisdom and destruction. The dove is a symbol of the soul, longevity and immortality, and the swan is a symbol of wisdom, loneliness and purity. The picture on the body in the form of an eagle means strength and power, fire and immortality. The falcon personifies victory and courage, overcoming any obstacles and obstacles.

The feather, depicted along with the birds, most often speaks of the desire of the owner of such a tattoo for freedom. Moreover, he may dream of freeing himself from various things: from any people, worries or stereotypes.

Where is the best place to apply such tattoos

Images in the form of one or more feathers are quite versatile and will suit both men and women. After all, they can be made in various styles and painted in a variety of colors.

A similar pattern on the leg, neck or shoulder looks elegant.

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