How To Stimulate The Prostate In Men

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How To Stimulate The Prostate In Men
How To Stimulate The Prostate In Men

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Prostate problems in men require prostate stimulation. This is necessary to improve blood circulation and metabolic processes. You can achieve a positive result with the help of special gymnastics and massage.

How to stimulate the prostate in men
How to stimulate the prostate in men

Why is prostate stimulation performed?

Prostate stimulation procedures are carried out at home or by a specialist urologist at the clinic. Massage has a number of advantages: improved potency, normalization of blood circulation, rapid tissue regeneration, increased oxygen flow. The disadvantages include the fact that men feel uncomfortable during stimulation, thereby disturbing their psycho-emotional state.

Contraindications include: hemorrhoids, chronic prostatitis, fever, inflammation.

Home massage

You can carry out massage at home, entrust all the work better to a reliable, close person. As a rule, the wife acts as such a person. For the procedure you will need: petroleum jelly, latex gloves. A man should drink 2-3 glasses of water or juice 30 minutes before the massage. This is necessary in order for the filled bladder to press down on the gland. In this position, it is easier to find it. The genitals should be thoroughly washed. It is most convenient to lean on your elbows and kneel down. Petroleum jelly is used for easy finger insertion. First you need to feel for the gland, it is somewhat reminiscent of a nut. With smooth and light massage movements, massage the prostate from the edges to the center. The right side is less sensitive, so you must first smoothly move to it, and then to the left lobe. The essence of the stimulation is to massage the entire prostate with light finger manipulations.

In case of exacerbations of the disease, massage cannot be performed. The procedure should be postponed for 2-3 days.

Stimulation of the prostate is accompanied by the release of sperm. If the procedure is performed for the first time, then ejaculation may occur several times. Women are afraid to stimulate the prostate, for fear of harming their husbands. If during the procedure no painful sensations arose, then everything was correct. Massage is not difficult at all. It does not require a lot of effort, knowledge and a lot of time to carry it out. But what is the effect. Massage will help cure prostatitis and increase potency. It is recommended to resort to massage more often for men leading a sedentary and sedentary lifestyle.

Muscle exercise

In addition to massage, the man should begin to develop the muscles of the hip joint. You can do the following exercises: lifting the knees to the chest, lying on your back; breeding legs and crossing them. It is necessary to develop the flexibility of the spine, do bends, rotational movements of the pelvis, turns and deflections.

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