How To Behave During Childbirth

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How To Behave During Childbirth
How To Behave During Childbirth

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Childbirth is a difficult process both from a physical and psychological point of view. As the time of labor approaches, pregnant women often experience fear, especially if this is their first time. For the childbirth to be successful, it is important to behave correctly - at the right time to come to the hospital, not to be nervous, breathe deeply, try to relax, follow the instructions of the doctors.

How to behave during childbirth
How to behave during childbirth

How to behave during contractions

The first contractions indicate the approach of labor, and as soon as you feel short-term pain with increasing intervals between them, you need to go to the hospital. You must have all the necessary things collected in advance: a bathrobe, slippers, things for the child, hygiene products.

The most important rule that you need to adhere to during childbirth is to obey the obstetricians in everything, do what the doctors say. During contractions, the supply of blood to the fetus decreases, so the body forces it to take deeper breaths, and the heart rate also increases - thus providing sufficient oxygen for the baby. Therefore, it is important for a pregnant woman at this time to breathe correctly, evenly and deeply, not to be nervous, to behave calmly, not to scream, otherwise the breath will go astray, and the baby will not have enough air.

Take in the air through your nose gently, slowly, not convulsively, and exhale gradually.

During the first contractions, when the pains are not yet strong, and the time of the birth itself has not yet come, you need to try to relax, to occupy yourself with something. Some women prefer to lie down, others to walk. You can give yourself a massage - lying on your side, stroke the lower abdomen with your fingertips, while controlling your breathing and tune in to calmness. During each contraction, you do not need to panic, think that the cervix has opened even more, and the most important time will soon come when the baby will be born. The more balanced your behavior and condition, the easier the birth will be.

If you feel nauseous, but there are no stomach pains, no headache, no darkening in the eyes, then this is normal, there may be a short vomiting. In this case, rinse your mouth with water or take a couple of sips, but do not drink too much.

How to behave during childbirth

The opening of the cervix up to ten to twelve centimeters, that is, a complete opening speaks of the beginning of the second stage of labor - direct labor. The woman is taken to the delivery room, laid on the delivery table so that the shoulders are slightly raised. Do not panic, take a comfortable position, put your hands on the handrails and start pushing. It is advisable to close your mouth, inhale deeply through your nose and hold your breath. After that, relax and breathe without delay. As soon as the baby's head appears in the light, the obstetrician begins to help, while it is important to follow all his instructions.

During childbirth, try to control yourself - harsh and loud screams, grabbing by the midwives' hands and other nervous actions not only will not help, but can also complicate the process of giving birth.

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