How To Push Correctly During Childbirth?

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How To Push Correctly During Childbirth?
How To Push Correctly During Childbirth?

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One of the most important moments in childbirth is pushing. It is important for a pregnant woman to know how to push correctly, because both her health and the well-being of the baby depend on it.

How to push correctly during childbirth?
How to push correctly during childbirth?

Natural and controlled attempts

There are two types of attempts:

- natural;

- controlled.

Attempts are voluntary contractions of the abdominal muscles that feel like a urge to have a bowel movement.

With natural attempts, the whole process is not controlled or controlled by anyone. Your attitude and self-control are very important here. Just breathe and relax. To begin with, imagine that you are a flower bud that is currently starting to bloom. Between contractions, try to take deep and calm breaths, relax your body and give yourself a little rest. Listen to your body and don't be nervous.

With controlled attempts, the entire process is controlled by a doctor. He tells you when to push and when to rest. More often than not, such attempts are less effective. Since the mother gets tired quickly enough, they take too long, and as a result, the baby begins to suffer. In addition, ruptures often occur in the process of guided attempts, and doctors make an incision in the perineum - an episiotomy.

Choosing a pose for pushing

In the process of attempts, freedom of choice is very important. Take the positions in which you are most comfortable. For the first birth, the vertical position is considered correct. This position contributes to the tilt of the tailbone 3 cm back, thereby leaving free space for the crumbs. In addition, the upright position helps the baby to move smoothly towards the exit, eliminating the chance of tears in the perineal tissue. At the same time, the law of attraction acts, which provokes natural attempts.

When pushing in a horizontal position, it is recommended to take a position in which the feet are just below the pelvis. In this position, the force of gravity will help speed up labor. Then take a deep breath and hold your breath. Then, within 5-6 seconds, begin to intensely press the abdominal muscles on the uterus from above, then exhale smoothly and repeat this action. During one natural push, you have to push 4-6 times.

Remember! It is necessary to rehearse attempts half-heartedly.

You can practice this process beforehand. To do this, sit down on the floor, lean your back on a sofa or pillow, mark the time (1 minute) and start. Please note that it is necessary to strain precisely those muscles that are located above the uterus. Place your hand on your stomach and try to feel them.

How to breathe correctly when pushing

Once you are comfortable, you need to take a deep breath. Holding your breath and straining your abdominal muscles, you should gradually increase the pressure on the bottom. Then you need to exhale slowly and inhale deeply again. Without a break for rest, you should start pushing again. During a complete attempt, you need to repeat all these actions 3 times.

Then you should take a deep breath and a slow, calm exhale, and then rest. When the head of the baby is born, you need to start breathing like a dog.

Most importantly, do not be afraid and heed the advice of the nursing staff. Don't scream, relax, tune in to the positive, and everything will go well for you and your baby.

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