Choosing The Right Pillow

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Choosing The Right Pillow
Choosing The Right Pillow

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Our morning state of health and mood depends on which pillow we sleep on. How to choose the right pillow for a good rest?

Choosing the right pillow
Choosing the right pillow


Step 1

To begin with, the pillow is needed to maintain the natural position of the head and neck during sleep. But there are several poses for sleeping. Therefore, you should choose a pillow based on your preferred posture. Do you often toss and turn? Then watch for at least a few days the position in which you wake up in the morning. Choose a pillow based on these observations.

Step 2

If you sleep on your back, then choose a pillow on which your head lies flat in relation to your body and without leaning forward or backward. For this position, you can also choose a pillow with a depression.

Step 3

Sleep on your side? Then you need to choose a pillow so that when lying down, your head is in line with the spine. For those who prefer to sleep with an arm under their head, the pillow should be thinner.

Step 4

If you love the position on your stomach, despite all the warnings of doctors, then choose a thin pillow or do not use it at all. And if you sleep on a thick pillow, then in the morning, do not be surprised by neck pain.

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