Is It Harmful To Wear Colored Lenses

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Is It Harmful To Wear Colored Lenses
Is It Harmful To Wear Colored Lenses

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Colored contact lenses are not only a way to change the color of your eyes, but also the ability to change glasses for a more convenient and comfortable to wear vision correction tool. There are dozens of types of lenses: colored and tinted, regular and prescription lenses, daily or reusable. But isn't it harmful to use such lenses?

Is it harmful to wear colored lenses
Is it harmful to wear colored lenses

Ten to fifteen years ago, manufacturers offered colored contact lenses in 3-5 basic shades. Despite the progressive materials for that time, such lenses were not very comfortable, caused discomfort, and in some cases could provoke visual impairment. Now the situation has changed. Now you can drastically change the color of even dark brown eyes or buy lenses with a cat's pupil, skull, heart or other pattern.

Colored lenses differ from transparent lenses only by the presence of a pattern. The dye is contained in the inner shell of the lens. Contact with the cornea is excluded, and therefore such lenses are harmless. Some types of lenses are UV protected.

To avoid excruciating pain

In order not to harm such a delicate organ of the human body as the eyes, certain rules should be followed. First, if you have purchased colored contact lenses, ask the seller or ophthalmologist in detail about the rules for caring for them. Follow all requirements strictly. Secondly, when buying, pay attention to the lens expiration lines. The corresponding marking must be applied to the package. Third, do not wear your lenses longer than recommended. Fourth, a specialist should select the correct lenses for you.

Optometric measurements are required when choosing colored or clear contact lenses!

The length of time you wear your lenses depends on the type of lens. Daily lenses are ideal for special occasions when you need to accentuate or change the natural color of the iris. Lenses with a short wear period allow you to frequently change eye color, each time complementing your image. Extended wear contact lenses can be worn for a long time. Even if the manufacturer claims in advertising that they can not be removed for 30 days, doctors still recommend doing this at least once a week. Disinfection with a special solution will remove protein deposits and other contaminants from the lens surface, eliminate harmful bacteria. In addition, your eyes will rest overnight. Long-term lenses are cheaper but require more care.

Proper care of colored contact lenses

Colored contact lenses are quite expensive, and therefore it is not worth saving on care products either. Quality drugs will extend the life of each lens, and the risk of infection will be reduced to almost zero. Be sure to buy a contact lens container and carry it with you at all times. There are special compact kits that include a container, tweezers, and a tiny bottle of disinfectant solution. There is a mirror on the inside of the box that will make it easier to put on and take off the lenses. Lenses with a long wearing period are breathable, but it is worth remembering that this is still a foreign body on the delicate shell of the eye. Lenses should only be worn with clean hands. If you accidentally drop the lens, check it for mechanical damage, and then rinse thoroughly with the solution. In cases where after putting on you feel discomfort, remove the lens and see a doctor to check the integrity of the lens.

To get rid of unpleasant sensations by moistening the surface of the sclera or washing off an occasional speck of dust, drops of the "artificial tear" type will help.

Daily lenses do not require any maintenance. After one day of wearing, they can be removed and discarded. Wearing such lenses for more than a day is harmful.

If you follow all the precautions and wear the lenses correctly, they will not cause harm.

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