How To Find Your Gynecologist

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How To Find Your Gynecologist
How To Find Your Gynecologist

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Sooner or later, every woman turns to a female gynecologist for medical help. And it's no secret that many of them, getting ready for an appointment with a gynecologist, especially for the first time, feel a sense of uncertainty and even fear. For most, this is a stressful situation, since this is a very delicate area. Most women are embarrassed to speak frankly with a doctor about their female problems, and here they still have to undergo a gynecological examination. The health of a woman depends on the qualifications of a gynecologist, on his professional experience, understanding of women's problems.

How to find your gynecologist
How to find your gynecologist


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One of the most common reasons for visiting a gynecologist is a desire to check your health, to find out about the presence or absence of gynecological diseases. A gynecologist at the reception will conduct an examination, take tests, and prescribe additional studies according to indications. Unpleasant sensations, discharge, discomfort, menstrual irregularities appear - this is a reason to contact your gynecologist, who will determine the cause and prescribe treatment.

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Planning, preparation for pregnancy, pregnancy management are also in the competence of the gynecologist. The gynecologist will advise on the best methods of contraception, on the prevention of sexually transmitted infections. When an unwanted pregnancy occurs, only a gynecologist will find a solution to the problem with the lowest risk to your health. Every woman should undergo a preventive examination by a gynecologist 2 times a year, and if there are complaints from reproductive health, a qualified consultation of a gynecologist is required.

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The number of private clinics, large medical centers, where there are certainly departments and offices of gynecology, is increasing every year. In addition, you can get advice and be monitored by a gynecologist in municipal clinics, antenatal clinics, and commercial medicine centers.

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Requirements for a gynecologist: it must be a qualified specialist; highly qualified professional with the latest modern knowledge in the field of gynecology; this is a doctor who can communicate well with patients. Today a woman can be observed by a gynecologist at the municipal antenatal clinic at her place of residence. In this case, the examination of the gynecologist and his consultations will be free for her. If for some reason you do not want to be monitored in a municipal clinic and believe that the best service is paid, you are concerned about finding a good gynecologist in one of the private medical centers.

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Finding your gynecologist is not easy, here are the main ways to find him: advice from a friend and a few other acquaintances who were seen by this doctor and received excellent service. This is a good way to find a doctor you can trust. Option two - talking to the doctor on the phone. Sometimes it is enough to no longer have to deal with this person. A proven clinic with a good reputation will help you find the right specialist. You should be prepared for the fact that you may have to look for the "right" gynecologist by trial and error. "An accurate hit" does not happen the first time, although this is possible.

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