What Problems May Arise After Childbirth

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What Problems May Arise After Childbirth
What Problems May Arise After Childbirth
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After giving birth, a young mother should be careful about her health. It is important to know about the difficulties that may await her, competently carry out psychological adaptation to her new status, as well as respond in time to the problems that have arisen or prevent many even before the baby is born.

What problems may arise after childbirth
What problems may arise after childbirth

Psychological problems

The well-being of a woman in the postpartum period depends on many factors. Some are afraid of being a bad mother, others are tormented by a feeling of irreversible changes in life and fatigue after childbirth, and sometimes a feeling of hopelessness. This should not lead to postpartum depression. The attitude of a mother to a newborn is very individual. If childbirth was difficult, the mother will not be able to care for the baby around the clock. Ask your mother, mother-in-law, sister - a person you trust for help.

Relationship with her husband after the birth of the baby takes on a new, bright emotional color. Now parents are distributing new concerns and responsibilities. A strong spiritual bond between a mother and a newborn should not crowd out other bonds in a woman's life. An intelligent, attentive, patient husband will help create a cozy atmosphere in the house. New worries and a sense of responsibility should give the newly-made father strength. Don't let resentment destroy your love. Become understanding of the problems encountered.

Physiological problems

The pain at the incision site after a cesarean section and perineal stitching affects the way your baby is breastfed. Your excitement can be transmitted to the baby, affect the amount of milk. That is why choose the most convenient feeding method. You can place a pillow under the baby and feed it lying on its side.

Health problems after childbirth include constipation as a result of a groundless fear of perineal stitching and pain, weakened or inflamed abdominal muscles, and weak intestinal motility.

In this case, light exercise and walks can help. Include cereals from rye, oats and buckwheat, bran, wholemeal bread, carrots and baked apples, raisins and nuts, cottage cheese and cheese in your diet. Eliminate strong saturated broths from your diet. Take laxatives and medicines only as directed by your doctor.

Back problems after childbirth are experienced by women who have spent months waiting in a chair in front of the TV. The result will be toned abdominal and back muscles, stretched chest muscles and aching lower back. In this case, it is necessary in advance to choose the right physical activity for the period of pregnancy. Also pay attention to moderate aerobic activity: walking in the park, water aerobics, swimming, yoga, physiotherapy exercises.

Your and your child's health during this period of life depends only on you. Press the crumb to you! He will remember the beating of his mother's heart and recognize you. The baby needs your love and affection during this period of life.

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