How Not To Be Nervous

How Not To Be Nervous
How Not To Be Nervous

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The life of a modern person is often filled with various stresses and nervous tension. But how not to be nervous and not take everything to heart, if you often have to be a participant or witness to this or that unpleasant situation at home, at work, in public places? Meanwhile, there are many ways to calm your nerves and stabilize your psycho-emotional state.

How not to be nervous
How not to be nervous


Step 1

A constant state of stress or nervous strain can cause any illness. The appearance can also suffer from this. Over time, all past experiences and discontent can be read by facial wrinkles, which, like an imprint of experienced emotions, will remain on the face. But in order not to get annoyed over trifles, you must follow a few rules. They will help to strengthen not only the nerves, but the entire body.

Step 2

Get up early in the morning and only with cheerful music. It will help you wake up faster and cheer you up early in the day. Exercise after waking up. Physical exercise is simply necessary to strengthen the nervous system, because physical activity is primarily gymnastics for nerve endings. In addition to the morning warm-up 3 times a week, do any kind of sport for both prevention and recovery purposes.

Step 3

Take a contrast shower or douche with cold water every morning. It perfectly relieves nervous tension and invigorates. If irritability appears during the day or everything is boiling inside, wash yourself with cold water, and if possible, wipe it off to the waist. This will help relieve negativity and calm your nerves.

Step 4

If you are prone to irritability and nervousness, try to consume less sweets, confectionery and flour products, coffee, alcohol, and sugary carbonated drinks. Increase the amount of raw, plant-based foods in your diet: whole fruits, vegetables, greens. Add raw onions and garlic to each dish. They not only calm the nerves, but also strengthen the immune system.

Step 5

Since the cause of irritability may be a lack of certain vitamins and minerals, take them 2-3 times a year, for a course of 1 month. The most suitable time for this is during the off-season.

Step 6

Do not be influenced by the irritating factor. If you cannot exclude him, change your attitude towards him. Perceive the negative thought quickly and release it just as quickly. Don't give her the slightest chance to linger in her thoughts for a long time. And this can be done by switching attention to more pleasant things or memories.

Step 7

During periods of increased nervousness, take motherwort tincture at the dosage indicated on the package, or drink a glass of water with 1 tsp diluted in it 3 times a day. apple cider vinegar and honey. In addition, to strengthen the nervous system, sleep for at least 8 hours, take long walks in the park area, contemplate beautiful things and objects, and enthrall yourself with a new and interesting activity.

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