Gymnastics To Strengthen Memory

Gymnastics To Strengthen Memory
Gymnastics To Strengthen Memory

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In older people, memory often suffers. They become distracted, forget everything, not attentive. Sometimes this situation is inherent in young people as well. It is not necessary to attack the pills, you can fix everything with the help of gymnastics.

Gymnastics to strengthen memory
Gymnastics to strengthen memory


You need desire and a little time


Step 1

A few exercises a day, and you will see that it will soon be easier to concentrate and your memory will improve. And you just need to do each for half a minute.

Step 2

First, we warm up the palms by intensive rubbing one against the other. We massage the thumbs separately - we activate the points responsible for concentration of attention on them.

Step 3

Keeping palms at chest level, squeeze them into a fist and straighten them one by one. Repeat these movements one after the other at a fast pace.

Step 4

We fold the "figurines" with each hand, also one by one and quickly.

Step 5

We throw out 2 fingers alternately on each hand.

Step 6

Fold our palms with fingers apart and swap fingers at a fast pace. We try to do this with all fingers, and then with two pairs of fingers at the same time.

Step 7

Finally, we rub our ears vigorously with our hands: there are also points on the lobes that affect the strengthening of memory.

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