Ways To Develop Memory

Ways To Develop Memory
Ways To Develop Memory

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Those who own information - own the world, but in order to remember information, one must have a good memory. How to memorize a huge number of phone numbers, birthdays, appearances, passwords and addresses? Let's take a closer look at the working ways of developing memory.

Ways to develop memory
Ways to develop memory

Creation of images

Association-based memorization is the oldest mnemonic technique among other methods. The philosopher Giordano Bruno helped her become a technology in the 16th century. He wrote a treatise "On the composition of images, signs and ideas", in which associations were drawn between the natural world, the world of magical symbols and the world of arts. Unfortunately, then his works were not appreciated and the inquisitors executed Giordano at the stake.

The main secret of this method is as follows. In his imagination, a person connects visual images into one whole, and the brain fixes this connection. In the future, you can simply remember at least one of them, and the memory will be able to reproduce the rest.

Pronouncing the word in reverse

To train your memory, you do not have to follow the classic techniques, there are modern techniques. To train memory in a domestic environment, scientists advise you to simply read the words in reverse. This should be done not with some kind of inscription, but out of imagination. You can start with the simplest. Write a few words on paper, and then don't look at them, read them the other way around from memory. The exercise may seem primitive, but it is a great visual memory trainer. It is not so easy to keep words in memory without preliminary training. You can break words into fragments. Syllables fixed in the imagination are much easier to repeat and turn over than a whole word. Exercise can develop attention and memory well.

Develop your left hand

What connection could there be between memory and the left hand? Already in 2001, scientists found out that left-handed people have much better memory than right-handers. Those who don't like to clog their heads with images and turn words around can start developing their left hand. You can simplify the process by making this activity a part of your life. Do a lot of things with your left hand, such as washing dishes with it, trying to write and draw, cleaning, etc.

Trust your smartphone

Stickers and reminders in smartphones only harm memory, without improving anything. However, there are special applications that are really capable of training her. One such program is Ankidroid. She uses the method of constant repetition to develop memory. The program shows here the card with the front side, where some information is written down, which is the key to what is contained on the other side. You must go through the cards in sequence, and then, based on the key data, remember what is on the back. You can create cards yourself, and not just use template ones.

Have a glass of wine

It turns out that wine has beneficial properties. Studies have shown that a very small amount of wine can relax the brain and help improve memory. There will not be a quick effect, you need to regularly drink a glass of wine a day. This remedy also has contraindications. It is better not to drink wine for people prone to alcoholism, lactating and pregnant women. As with everything, it's best not to overdo it in improving your memory. If a bottle is used instead of a glass, the effect will be devastating.

Remember information

This method is new and offers to recall past events. Remember before going to bed what happened in the last 12 hours. Try not to miss the slightest detail. What did they think when they woke up, what things they saw on the way to work, whom they met, what was the most memorable. Walk through the bygone day step by step.

Repeat this exercise every day, and the result will be only in a few weeks - you will definitely feel it. This method will not only develop memory, but also improve imagination. There will be something to do before bed.

Sleep more

Turn off all electrical appliances and go to bed on time. No amount of mnemonics and exercises will help if the body does not have enough sleep. Indeed, during this important process, connections between brain neurons are restored. Scientists say that most people experience memory problems due to normal sleep deprivation.

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