9 Easy Ways To Boost Your Brain

9 Easy Ways To Boost Your Brain
9 Easy Ways To Boost Your Brain

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The brain is the most important human organ, which scientists still cannot fully decipher. He works actively while we sleep. It is so flexible that if one department is violated, others calmly take over its functions. Under ideal conditions, up to 700 neurons are formed daily in its hippocampus.

9 Easy Ways to Boost Your Brain
9 Easy Ways to Boost Your Brain

Despite the wonders of this perfect system, it needs our help. With an unbalanced diet, stress, lack of sleep, brain performance is noticeably reduced. Therefore, in this article, we have collected simple and effective exercises that will help keep your head in good shape.

Shake up the everlasting routine

The brain is cool, but terribly lazy (and in this case, laziness is not at all the engine of progress). To make his life easier, he brings the overwhelming number of our actions and reactions to automatism. And the more often we change the habitual course of action, the more powerful and flexible the brain becomes.


1. Change on your smartphone. Even though you check social media a hundred times a day, do it with little benefit.

2. Do household actions "topsy-turvy".

To help you, a small list of actions that can be done differently:

  • use an unaccustomed hand: right-handed - left, left-handed - right (open the doors of a car / apartment / bus, pass change for travel, drink coffee, brush your teeth; fasten a zipper);
  • get out of bed with the other leg (or even jump out on both);
  • walk from the hall to the kitchen backwards like a scorpion;
  • When walking, turn around 360 degrees: look around.

3. and evenings after work. If you are used to watching a couple of episodes of your favorite TV series, play board or computer games, solve a crossword puzzle. Read the book "Not At All Your Taste." Buy an unusual dessert for tea (or maybe something salty?). Shake, shake our brain

Make good use of your time

Half an hour to work and back, twenty minutes in a traffic jam, ten minutes to the nearest coffee shop during lunch, a few minutes at a traffic light. There is always an hour or two between important points in the schedule. Instead of idle waiting and "sticking" into the phone, do something useful: you will pump your brain and will not waste extra time.


4.. When you stand at a traffic light or wait for the desired bus, look at the license plates and add the numbers in them. The next level of difficulty is multiple machines or multiplication.

5. Instead of listening to music on the way to work or aimlessly looking at people around, or solving Sudoku on your smartphone. Sometimes, for a change.

6.. On your way to work or a meeting, pay attention to billboards, signs, and announcements. There are many words that need to be read in reverse.

Cultivate good habits

If you are seriously puzzled by the development of the brain, then you will have to highlight a separate column in your diary. These exercises will not take too much time, but for them you will need to put in some effort and fight laziness.


7. Take two incompatible (at first glance) things and between them. What do a mandarin and an office manager have in common? And what about the elephant and this article?

eight.. In an ideal world, half an hour a day, in a real world, 5 minutes is better than nothing. Research by the Japanese scientist Ryuta Kawashima shows that reading aloud involves many more areas of the brain than reading to oneself. Such training supports the prefrontal cortex, improves cognitive function and reduces the risk of dementia. Good diction and oratory skills come as a gift.

9. Learn one at a time (or hard in your native language) and use it 3 times throughout the day. The necessary cases and circumstances will definitely appear.

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