How To Treat Hemorrhoids With Cucumbers

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How To Treat Hemorrhoids With Cucumbers
How To Treat Hemorrhoids With Cucumbers

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Hemorrhoids are quite an unpleasant disease that brings incredibly painful sensations to a person. The main symptoms of this ailment are burning, bleeding from the anus, prolapse of hemorrhoidal cones. And an ordinary cucumber can correct the situation.

Hemorrhoid treatment
Hemorrhoid treatment

Today hemorrhoids are treated in different ways - from folk methods based on herbal preparations to surgery. One of the simplest and most affordable traditional medicines that can effectively cope with this problem is a cucumber.

However, there is one caveat here, which is that the cucumber can only be used during the ripening season of the vegetable. Despite this, even in such a short period of time, one should have time to make procedures for the healing of a very important human organ, which is the anus. This will allow for a certain period to relieve exacerbations, and sometimes completely heal.

Cucumber use

So, a small part should be cut from the top of the cucumber, the product itself should be smeared with olive oil or honey, and then the vegetable should be inserted into the anus for at least a couple of hours.

This procedure should be performed in the morning every day or every other day. The course of treatment in this way is about a month. The result of such a procedure is noticeable only after a two-week period of use.

There is one more, no less effective way against hemorrhoids. Take a fresh cucumber, rub it on a coarse grater and apply the gruel in the form of a lotion to the anus. But first you need to remove excess liquid from the grated product and then keep the lotion for at least three hours. The course of treatment in this way should be at least two weeks.

Popov's technique

Also, a decoction of cucumber stalks will help from hemorrhoid bleeding. They need to be harvested after harvesting the main harvest of vegetables. The grass must be thoroughly rinsed and dried, then finely chopped. To fifty grams of finished raw materials, add half a liter of water and heat to a boil. After which the resulting broth is left to cool. Take this drug for half a glass three times a day until the bleeding from the anus stops.

The recipe of the famous doctor Popov is especially popular. The essence of his method lies in the fact that a small candle with a rounded end is cut out of a cucumber, or rather its pulp, which is inserted into the anus every day. In addition, lotions are additionally made from cut vegetable rings. Lotions must be applied to the inflamed area and fixed.

The use of these two methods will allow you to get a positive effect on the elimination of this problem after three days.

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