Why Does A Person Have Hiccups

Why Does A Person Have Hiccups
Why Does A Person Have Hiccups

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Hiccups are a very unpleasant process. Not only does it start at the most inopportune moment, it is also accompanied by a loud and harsh sound. For what reasons does a person get hiccups?

Why does a person have hiccups
Why does a person have hiccups

Hiccuping is part of the processes taking place inside the human body and is primarily associated with the work of the respiratory diaphragm and the brain. It is the frequent contractions of the diaphragm that lead to the need for a large amount of oxygen in a person. And the brain prevents this through the larynx and vocal cords. As a result of this struggle, hiccups appear.

Various reasons can contribute to its appearance. The main ones are related to food consumption. Too long intervals between meals, overeating too much with a lot of any liquid, or very fast absorption of food without thoroughly chewing - all this contributes to the appearance of hiccups in any person. Hiccups can appear after smoking or while using gum.

It also leads to a prolonged finding of the human body in an uncomfortable position. And also hiccups appear after hypothermia of the human body or as a result of some stressful situations, such as fright, fear, and so on. Such hiccups, as a rule, pass after a short period of time, as soon as the person's breathing returns to normal.

But in some cases, hiccups continue for a long time and are regular.

1. Various inflammatory processes in the human body, in particular cancer.

2. Disorders in the liver and kidneys.

3. Various types of body poisoning, such as alcohol.

4. The presence of diseases of internal organs that negatively affect the functioning of the brain.

5. Disorders of the human nervous system.

6. Taking various medicines.

7. Various traumatic brain injuries.

8. Diseases such as meningitis and encephalitis.

9. Heartburn and other disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

10. Preinfarction state.

All the reasons for the appearance of prolonged hiccups require an urgent solution and seeking help from a specialist.

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