How To Increase The Level Of Lactobacilli

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How To Increase The Level Of Lactobacilli
How To Increase The Level Of Lactobacilli

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Lactobacilli are positive microorganisms that are always present in the intestines and vagina. Thanks to them, lactic acid is constantly formed in the body, which suppresses pathogenic microflora. However, when immunity decreases, the number of lactobacilli may decrease, which impairs the vital functions of the body. Therefore, it is very important throughout life to maintain their level in the norm.

How to increase the level of lactobacilli
How to increase the level of lactobacilli


  • - probiotics;
  • - prebiotics;
  • - immunomodulators;
  • - intimate hygiene products with lactic acid.


Step 1

Take probiotics. These are products containing bifidobacteria and lactobacilli necessary for the normal functioning of the body. They help to increase human immunity, which reduces the likelihood of disease. Probiotics are recommended to be taken not only during the recovery of the body after an illness, but also for preventive purposes. Just do not confuse the fermented milk products sold in the store with medicinal ones. The latter are produced in special laboratories and contain a very large number of living bacteria. Kefir and yoghurt are heat treated, as a result of which most of the lactic acid bacteria are killed.

Step 2

Include in your daily diet prebiotics - non-digestible food ingredients. They are useful food for lactobacilli, which means they stimulate their growth. They are found in many foods. For example, cabbage, onions, peas, artichoke, bran, chicory, garlic, bananas and others. In addition, they can be purchased in the form of dietary supplements.

Step 3

Eat young cheeses (Suluguni, Adyghe), yoghurts (with a short shelf life), soy and plant products.

Step 4

Take immunomodulators. A decrease in the number of lactobacilli is primarily associated with a weakening of the body's defense mechanisms. As a result, the rapid growth of pathogenic bacteria begins. Therefore, correction of immunity is indispensable here.

Step 5

Practice intimate hygiene. To do this, clean the external genitals with products containing lactic acid or baby soap. Change sanitary napkins and underwear regularly, which should be made from natural fabrics.

Step 6

Monitor your daily bowel movements. Studies have shown that this process is directly related to the number of lactobacilli. With timely defecation, their growth is observed in the body.

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