How To Reduce Fibroids

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How To Reduce Fibroids
How To Reduce Fibroids
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Myoma of the uterus occurs in women of different ages, but still appears mainly in older women. It develops from the smooth muscle cells of the uterus, which line the entire surface of the genital organ. Myoma is a benign neoplasm, but it can also degenerate into cancer, which is very dangerous for the body. It is possible to reduce its size somewhat with the help of therapy.

How to reduce fibroids
How to reduce fibroids


  • - shiitake mushroom and vodka;
  • - burdock roots, alcohol, honey and St. John's wort oil;
  • - celandine and alcohol.


Step 1

After diagnosis on an ultrasound machine and examination on a gynecological chair, the doctor will tell you what to do. If the fibroid is growing very quickly, then there is no need to delay the operation. When its size is not large, and at the same time its growth is not rapid, you can try to get rid of fibroids with the help of traditional medicine. This option is mainly suitable for women who have very few years left before menopause. During menopause, the size of the fibroid decreases or it disappears altogether.

Step 2

Fibroids of 8 weeks of age can be cured with tincture of Shiitake mushroom, but those over 12 weeks old will only slightly decrease their size. Take 5 g of dry chopped raw materials from shiitake mushroom, fill it with vodka and leave for about 14 days in a cool place. Take 1 teaspoon or 1 tablespoon three times daily before meals. The course of treatment depends on the results, which must be periodically monitored by ultrasound.

Step 3

Dig up burdock roots. Wash thoroughly and pass through a juicer, a meat grinder will also work, but then you have to squeeze the raw materials. Do everything very quickly, otherwise the juice will start to darken and thicken. Mix it with vodka (20 ml of vodka per 100 ml of juice). Mix 1 tsp. the resulting infusion with the same amount of honey and St. John's wort oil. Use the mixture to inject tampons at night.

Step 4

Take 3 tablespoons of celandine, pour 150 ml of alcohol and leave for 2 weeks. Take 1 drop per tablespoon of water on the first day, then add 1 drop daily until you reach 21 at a time. Start producing the report in the reverse order, and after 42 days of treatment, go to the hospital and undergo diagnostics on an ultrasound machine. If there is no improvement, repeat the passed course after 1 month. But do not forget to see your doctor periodically to be aware of all changes in the size of the fibroids.

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