Why Does The Pubis Itch

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Why Does The Pubis Itch
Why Does The Pubis Itch

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The pubis can itch for completely different and independent reasons: allergic reactions to medications, the presence of pubic lice on the body, fungal and venereal diseases, diabetes mellitus and even the most ordinary shaving.

If the pubis itches, you need to visit a doctor
If the pubis itches, you need to visit a doctor

Is it pubic shaving?

Itching in the groin can occur quite suddenly. For example, it can be caused by the most common shaving. Many women and men shave their pubis with intimate hygiene. It turns out that this is not always useful.

The fact is that tough hairs begin to sprout and prick. This causes the corresponding discomfort. To avoid this problem, you need to stop shaving in an intimate place for a while. If the itching does not subside there, you need to look for other reasons for its appearance.

Pubic lice, sexually transmitted diseases and infections

These parasites give very unpleasant feelings and sensations to their "hosts". Pubic lice are small crab-like gray-yellow parasites. They are very difficult to see with the naked eye.

It's important to know! Itching in the pubic area can be caused not only by sexually transmitted diseases and shaving, but also by diabetes. His treatment is carried out in accordance with the recommendations of the doctor.

A favorite place of settlement for pubic lice is, of course, the hairy areas in the genital area. However, these parasites often settle on eyelashes, eyebrows, armpits and a man's beard.

To get rid of pubic lice, it is necessary to urgently undergo a special course of treatment, which includes taking appropriate medications. This will destroy the body of the parasites and the eggs laid by them.

Another possible reason why the pubis may itch are certain sexually transmitted diseases: chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, gonorrhea, etc. In this case, as in the case of pubic lice, it is necessary to urgently contact a medical institution.

Sometimes pubic itching can be caused by tight underwear. For example, men's nylon swimming trunks, in contact with the genitals, can cause both an erection of the penis and unambiguous itching of the pubis.

Often, itching in an intimate place is caused by an infection - a rash on the pubis. In other words, the so-called fungus occurs: plaques, crusts, abscesses, ulcers, lumps, etc. One of the most common fungal infections is thrush (candidiasis).

Symptoms of this disease in women are constant itching in an intimate place, white thickened vaginal discharge, discomfort during intercourse, pain when urinating.

In men, thrush is characterized by burning of the glans penis and foreskin, redness in the same place, white bloom in the frenulum, discomfort during sex, pain when urinating, white discharge along with urine. Of course, you cannot do without medical assistance here. In no case should you rely only on alternative treatment.

Do not forget about basic personal hygiene. Often, it is its absence that causes pubic itching.

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