How To Reduce Androgens

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How To Reduce Androgens
How To Reduce Androgens

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Androgens are hormones in the human body that are produced in the testes and ovaries, in the adrenal glands. The hormone promotes the appearance of male secondary sexual characteristics in both men and women. An increased concentration of the hormone leads to a disease such as hyperandrogenism. More often women suffer from it. Treatment is with antiandrogens.

How to reduce androgens
How to reduce androgens


Step 1

Before starting treatment, be sure to go through an examination with an endocrinologist and a genecologist to determine the concentration of androgens. In women, hormones belonging to this group can be found in different organs. It is enough to take a blood test. The task becomes the effect of the drug in a particular focus.

Step 2

If you are diagnosed with menstrual irregularities, take drugs with minimal antiandrogenic effect (gestodene, gesoestrel, norgestimate), which suppress the ovulation process.

Step 3

Start taking finasteride if you experience symptoms of hirsutism and alopecia. After three months of daily use of the drug, the level of androgens should decrease. Be careful, liver toxicity is possible.

Step 4

Use cyproterone or cyproterone acetate to suppress secondary male sex characteristics. After the course, a noticeable regression of sexual characteristics will occur.

Step 5

Take a fairly well-known drug "Diane-35", which helps to regulate the menstrual cycle, suppress estrogen synthesis, gradually reduce the size of the ovaries, which promotes systematic ovulation for the treatment of infertility.

Step 6

If you have thick seborrhea, start taking verospiron. You need to take it for at least 6 months. The drug is able to reduce hirsutism, but does not always significantly reduce androgen levels.

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