How To Put A Compress

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How To Put A Compress
How To Put A Compress

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A compress is a dressing or patch that is dry and wet. A dry compress is made from 3-4 layers of sterile tissue and cotton wool, which must be secured with a bandage. Used to protect a bruise or wound from contamination and cooling. Wet compresses are divided into hot, warming and cold. They are applied to areas of the body where the pathological process occurs.

How to put a compress
How to put a compress


  • - a piece of cloth, preferably linen;
  • - compress paper;
  • - oilcloth;
  • - cotton wool;
  • - wide bandage.


Step 1

In order to put a warming compress, prepare a cloth, oilcloth, cotton wool and a wide bandage. Lubricate the place where the compress is applied with petroleum jelly or vegetable oil, then wet a piece of cloth in a medicinal composition (for example, it can be a solution of alcohol and oil) and apply to the sore spot. Place a piece of oilcloth on the fabric, and on top of the oilcloth - a piece of cotton wool larger than the oilcloth. Tightly wrap all three layers on top with a wide bandage, but so as not to disrupt blood circulation. The warming compress is put on for 6-8 hours. After removing it, the skin under the compress should be wiped with alcohol and covered with a dry warm bandage.

Step 2

For migraine, which is caused by a spasm of the vessels of the brain, renal or hepatic colic, neuritis, pain in the joints, apply a hot compress. Under its influence, the blood rushes to the problem area and this causes an analgesic effect. The fabric is moistened in hot water (55-60 degrees), wrung out and applied to the desired area of ​​the body. The top is closed with oilcloth and a warm cloth. Change every 7-9 minutes.

Step 3

Local cooling and vasoconstriction are achieved with a cold compress, which reduces the pain effect and blood circulation. This type of compresses is used for local inflammation, nosebleeds, bruises. A piece of cloth is moistened in ice water, squeezed slightly and applied to a sore spot. The compress is changed after 3-4 minutes. The procedure is carried out for 50-60 minutes.

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