Why Can My Stomach Hurt?

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Why Can My Stomach Hurt?
Why Can My Stomach Hurt?

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Abdominal pain is familiar to almost everyone and, as a rule, it is a consequence of various diseases. In healthy people, abdominal pains more often occur due to banal overeating and, as a result, flatulence, that is, increased gas production.

Why can my stomach hurt?
Why can my stomach hurt?

The nature of the pain and the cause

If abdominal pains are acute and radiate to the lower back, this is a serious reason to consult a doctor. The pain can be caused by kidney disease. Pain in the lower abdomen, pulling or aching: in men, most often prostatitis, and in women, cystitis, inflammation of the ovaries.

They felt a sudden pain in the lower abdomen - a serious signal. It can be an organ rupture, bleeding. If the pain also radiates to any side - a suspicion of urolithiasis.

If the pain is too strong, acute, immediately call an ambulance. You yourself are unlikely to determine the reason. The range of diseases is very wide: from appendicitis to ruptured spleen. If you experience pain periodically, then most likely it is a chronic disease.

Abdominal pain in women

Pregnant women may experience short-term pain with sudden movements, screaming, or coughing. This is usually associated with stretching of muscles and ligaments, as well as physiological changes in the body.

If the pain does not subside or is accompanied by bleeding, weakness: in the early stages, there may be a suspicion of an ectopic pregnancy or a threat of miscarriage at any stage of pregnancy.

It happens that pain occurs during or after intercourse. Most often it is caused by various infections, but it also happens with diseases of the genital organs. A common cause is an ovarian cyst. Most cysts and fibroids disappear on their own within a few menstrual cycles.

If during intercourse there is a burning sensation and itching, and at the same time tests showed that there is no fungal infection, (and this is the first reason) change intimate hygiene products, pads, wash clothes with baby soap.

Painful sensations in the lower abdomen in women is a serious reason to consult a specialist. Thrush, inflammation, or even a venereal disease can all be accompanied by pain in the lower abdomen. But in addition to gynecological diseases, pain can be caused by intervertebral hernia, kidney stones, hemorrhoids and much more.

You should not start taking pain pills on your own or run in a witch grandma for a miracle weed in the hope that everything will go away by itself. Contact a specialist. Women, of course, first of all need to visit a gynecologist or at least have an ultrasound scan.

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