Why Knees Itch

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Why Knees Itch
Why Knees Itch
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Unbearable itching in the knees leads to the desire to comb them into the blood. You should not do this - you can aggravate an already not very pleasant situation. It will be more effective to identify the causes of itching and eliminate them.

Why knees itch
Why knees itch

Possible causes of itching

The skin on the knees is quite sensitive. This is especially true of the back of the knees, where it is similar in structure and density to the skin of the eyelids.

A common cause of severe itching in the knee area may be a skin condition. In this case, itching is accompanied by rashes and redness. Dermatitis is the most common infectious disease that affects both the legs and other parts of the body.

Causes of the manifestation of dermatitis

Atomic dermatitis is a simple diathesis. This is a severe, chronic skin inflammation. Also, dermatitis can be the result of a severe allergic reaction. There are several factors that can cause the development of this disease. These are various physical irritants, chemical, so-called obligatory irritants, which include constant friction of the skin, contact of the bare skin of the knees with some plant species.

In addition to irritants, a hereditary predisposition and poor hygiene play an important role in the development of dermatitis.


Often it is the allergy that causes the knee or the skin around it to itch. The reasons for the manifestation of allergies on the knees are inappropriate hygiene products and washing powder. An allergic reaction manifests itself in different ways. Known signs of allergies are blemishes, severe itching, flaking, and rashes. When similar symptoms appear, it is necessary to find out the cause of these manifestations by contacting a specialist.


Many foods cause allergic reactions. In most cases, children of all ages suffer from food allergies. Often, even babies have flaky knees. This clear sign of allergy is characteristic of formula-fed babies. At the slightest rash or peeling on the knees of the child, it is necessary to completely cancel the type of mixture used. You also need to consult a doctor - you can have a local pediatrician.


Another cause of knee itching is clothing. Materials with synthetic fibers, “prickly” woolen clothes, tight things with all kinds of inserts in the knee area, fastened on the inside with metal rivets - all this can cause itching in the knee area.

Synthetic additives that are part of various types of tissues can provoke severe allergic reactions. Even quite familiar tights can cause rashes and severe itching in the knee area.

Of course, the causes of itching on the knees can be different, but a qualified specialist - a dermatologist or allergist - should identify these causes, diagnose and prescribe treatment.

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